PD/Fire/EMS - What do you carry/where


BLS bag:

Lots of 4x4s

Rolled gauze

Adult BVM

Pediatric BVM

3 Israeli trauma dressings

1 set of OPAs

1 set of NPAs

Tape (a couple sizes)

1 CAT tourniquet

Stethoscope/BP cuff

1 SPO2 finger style

Rope Rescue Bag:

2 CAT tourniquet

2 Israeli Dressings

1 pack of hemostatic gauze


Rolled gauze

1 CPR mask

2 Kelly clamps

BP cuff

BLS bag sits in my car, Rope Rescue bag gets clipped to my harness.


NPS Ranger said:
Seems the longer you've been on the job, the less you carry. Unless you're in the wilderness, lots & lots of 4x4's, some tape & an oral airway will go a long way until the big white truck gets there.
Since I'm done with the service I work for in July, I plan on getting rid of almost everything in that bag(since I won't be responding calls in my POV for a while). Gauze, tape, oral airway, just like you said.


Helmet: Brass tag on the d loop, streamlight 4aa on a blackjack mount, and my hood in the impact cap. 1044 w/bourkes.

Coat: UHF in the radio pocket, accountability tag on the d loop, right pocket has a pen and ems gloves x4, left pocket has ems shears, window punch, pocket knife, and 2 chocks.

Bunkers: Left pocket has my "oh shit kit" and extrication gloves, right pocket has my fire gloves.

SCBA: Has my mask w/ voice amp on the d loop.


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Alright, I'll give this a shot.


Streamlight Vantage

FoxFire helmet band


"radio" pocket: heavy-duty wire cutters with ~6" of webbing hanging out of pocket for easy access

inside pocket: spare cigarettes & lighter with occasional small cash ($5 or so)

Left side: personal HT1000

Right side: Streamlight Survivor LED

Right pocket: right structural glove

Left pocket: left structural glove

Right exterior pocket: ~20' of 1.5" webbing, ~15' of 1" webbing

Left exterior pocket: assorted sized door wedges


Right pocket: Leatherman, 14-in-1 screwdriver (really cheap so I figured what the hell), fixed blade knife with gut hook

Left pocket: normally empty, sometimes medical gloves or a scope

My hood stays in the loop formed by the collar flap when not in use.

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This thread is the catch-all for all Fire, EMS, and PD "what do you carry", for both on duty, and off duty :thumbsup:


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Off duty, either a S&W Model 36, or my Glock 26.

Oh wait, I retired from the cops....

I'm a paramedic, can I borrow your pen?

Pete L.

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Phillyrube said:
Off duty, either a S&W Model 36, or my Glock 26.
Oh wait, I retired from the cops....
Nice try, old buddy....................You retired but it's still in your blood :razz:

I still carry my old friend..........S&W6906...........16 out of the holster :thumbsup: .



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Pete L. said:
Nice try, old buddy....................You retired but it's still in your blood :razz:

I still carry my old friend..........S&W6906...........16 out of the holster :thumbsup: .

I bought my old 6906 when we went over to Glocks. Not a bad pistola.....


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Let's see...

In my off duty gear bag:

Traffic vest

Pair of Kevlar lined gloves


Pen light

2 mode magnet/hanging light

Metric and standard hex key sets

Torx key set

Precision screwdriver set

Tri-wing screwdriver

2x multi tool, one with a small hammer




Handheld GPS

Weather radio

Fire and EMS pocket guides

Holster for concealed carry

Extra ammo

Ka-Bar knife

Water bottle

Paint marking pen

550 para cord


Dual band handheld ham radio

In my work bag:

Hard hat

Rain gear

2x Hi-vis gloves

Hi-vis beanie for winter

Hi-vis helmet liner/balaclava for winter

Various personal stuff, Excedrin, antacid, keys etc....

On occasion I may have some snack food in there too.

In my EMS bag:

2x 4 inch gauze rolls

4x4 pads

3x3 pads

2x2 pads

100 count Box of alcohol prep wipes

Bottle of non-alchohol antiseptic wash


Band aids

2x roll of 3m transpore tape

Still working stocking my EMS bag.

In my bunker gear, I travel fairly light:

3x Door chalk

Pair of extrication gloves

Pair of fire gloves on a glove keeper

Led helmet light

Probably will be adding a small rescue multi tool.
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I travel really heavy and keep a lot of medical and comms gear in my vehicle, but I do keep a ditch bag with bare personal necessities.

I keep this with me at all times.

Nitrile gloves

A bunch of band aids and gauze

OTC meds (diphenhydramine, ibuprofen, etc.)


CPR mask

Pulse OX

2 EMT sheers 

CAT Tourniquet

1000 lumen flashlight (plus 10 extra batteries)

Sharpie and pen

Wallet (with all IDs, certifications & some cash in various denominations) 

Medical, survival & electronics reference books

Utility gloves

Epi Pen(s)

IR strobe

Night Vision

Israeli bandage

Some candy bars 

A water bottle (or two)

A bunch of paperwork in a folder; SOP's, maps and report forms

A CAT5e patch cable (super useful for so many things. A real lifesaver)

Gerber multi tool

Portable radio(and extra batteries)

Amazingly, this all fits in a small (well not exactly) messenger bag. I go nowhere without it.
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If I had to list all the crap I carry in my rig for SAR, K9, PPE, water rescue, extrication, bugout, etc., it would be stupid long...as I'm sure a lot of others here know what I mean...so lets go with this.

In addition to the normal wallet, keys, phone, etc., I always have on me a knife (See NCIS Gibbs' rule list)  and a Gerber 600 multi plier, which has saved my butt more times than I can remember.  And soon a Ruger LC9S Pro when I get my CCW permit in the mail.
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Als days

Littmann stethoscope

Alpha pager

Motorola uhf radio

My phone on my belt

Leatherman raptor shears

And a unknown amount of gloves in my back pocket. And random times a flashlight

My als duty shirt 1 shoulder has the lapel mic and a cheap carabiner the other has my hospital access cards. In 1 pocket I have all my cert cards and the other I have a note pad

Fire days

Duty uniform

Minitor pager

Cell phone

Leatherman raptor Shears.



Helmet :1 door chalk/sprinkler chalk

Streamlight vantage

Coat: 50ft utility rope+ carabiner

Hose wrangler utility gloves

Pants: 25ft webbing w/2 knots, hood, medical gloves note pad pen shears and a cheap multitool

Turnout belt 2" welded ring, 3 carabiners.

I have an MFR kit in my car minus oxygen and an aed, and a pocket mask instead of a bvm
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Going clock wise around my belt..

Keys W/ Silencer

Can of Fox 5.3 OC

Glock 22 W/ Trl1-HL

26" ASP

Peerless pink handcuffs

Glove pouch

Peerless Stainless steel cuffs

radio holster

Streamlight Stinger DS LED HL

Double mag pouch for Glock 22

X26p in front.

Also I carry a Smith and Wesson boot knife in right boot

And a Kahr CW380 in left pant pocket.

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