PGPD MD officers suspended for part in robbery


May 20, 2010
Maryland, USA

A ex police officer for a municipality in PG County MD lives with his brother, who is a 1 year vet of PGPD. The ex officer took some uniforms from his brother, and borrowed another friends marked police cruiser and has been inpersonating as a cop and making traffic stops. During the course of the stop he would take money from his victims, while wearing an official PGPD uniform, apparently including a gun. After numerous complaints, all involving the same marked police cruiser, the department investigated. Apparently the cruiser in question has an in-car camera that comes on with the emergency lights, and at least one robbery was caught on tape. The ex officer was arrested for robbery, inpersonating, assault, etc. The 2 PGPD officers have been suspended pending investigation. The officer whose cruiser was used apparently gave permission for the vehicle to be used by the suspect...
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