PIC HEAVY!! Feniex Fairy LED Hideaways- Torture test review!

Fast LT1

May 24, 2010
Sedgwick County, KS
First off, let me start by saying, I am not affiliated with Feniex in any way, I’m not a distributor, nor a shareholder, or was I compensated for this review, this is my pure and unbiased opinion of the Feniex Fairy LED hideaways.

Here are a few quick facts about them that i compiled from examining them.

1. What is included in the package? 1 LED HAW, Surface mounting flange, 2 screws, installation directions and warranty information. No gaskets are included!

2. Length of entire cable 9ft 11 inches

3. Diameter of HAW 1 inch

4. Metal base of haw 1.5 inches

5. Material the base of the haw is made out of: Seems to be Aluminum

6. Dimensions of inline flasher: 3.5'' L x 1" W x 0.5" H

7. Surface mount flange material: ABS plastic, Black

8. The flasher is approximately 35 inches from the base of the LED HAW

9. Seems sturdy, lenses are non removable.

10. Voltage range: 9-13 VDC

11. Warranty: Manual states 36 months for leds

12. Amp Draw: 1.1Amps at 12.8vdc, couldn't find any factory specs on them.

To start my tests to review the durability of the Feneix Fairy LED hideaways, I started by putting them in the washing machine to test both the durability and the waterproofing of these hideaways (not sure how I thought of this). I first zip tied the cord so it doesn’t become entangled in my washing machine and therefore getting me yelled at by the woman! I placed them in my washing machine and placed it on the Heavy load setting, with hot water wash and cold water rinse. They made it through the washing machine just fine. I didn’t however put them in the dryer for fear of completely melting them. Next I placed these hideaways through a “Pimp” style test, and placed them in a container full of water and froze one hideaways in the freezer for about an hour and a half, then dropped them into a pot of boiling water. Afterwards they still powered up.

I also read that Feniex tir4's were having problems with RFI so i tested mine, and i did not have any interference with my Maxon VHF radio, my uniden scanner, or my 800 digital motorola.

As of 3:35 pm on 2/11/2010 they have been running since 11am and they aren't even warm to the touch, so they aren't running hot and the heat sink seems to be doing its job! The lightheads also have stayed synced as of now and i haven't had any problems with them.

Now to the comparison section of this review!

I have installed and tested a lot of different led haws, and so far my favorite ones are the axixtech Tri laws because they are the brightest i have seen so far, with the SOS universal undercover pulling a close second. But these fairy's are quite bright and i'm strongly considering selling my Tri's and installing the Fairy's permanently on my POV. The color of the light produced by the Fairy's seems to be whiter than the TRI's so thats a big plus in my opinion. The only complaint i have is NO GASKETS or SEALS are included, so you must use your own or some silicon. I will also be updating this throughout the next for days, because i am currently conducting more tests to see if i can run them until Sunday night without any problems. Now to the video part!!!

- on this one i installed it into a new housing to see if it would make a difference, and it wasn't too noticeable.


How the box arrived

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1482.JPG

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1483.JPG

Comparison of the box size for each hideaway to the size of a glock 19 (i couldn't find a tape measure so i used that)

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1484.JPG

The boxes for each hideaway (2 shown)

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1465.JPG

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1467.JPG

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1468.JPG

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1472.JPG

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1473.JPG

Surface mounting flange and screws.

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1476.JPG

Pre-cut leads

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1478.JPG

Included paperwork

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1466.JPG

Wiring diagram and directions

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1479.JPG

Led haws frozen in water!

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1485.JPG

Prepped and ready to go in the washer, with some extra zip ties!

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1487.JPG

And when the washing machine is done!

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1490.JPG

And Both the Axixtech tri's (left) and the Feniex Fairy's (right) installed in a housing

[Broken External Image]:http://usera.ImageCave.com/FastLT1/IMG_1495.JPG


May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
Glad to see a review of these finally. I wonder where they came up with the name?

PC Comms

May 30, 2010
Beautiful southern Georgia!
That was going to be my comment too John. Not sure how many customers are going to react negatively to that. LOL


May 21, 2010
Canton, oh
I also have a set of these in the tail lights on my expedition, 2 red in break lights and 2 white in back up.

Not sure where u ordered yours from, but mine DID come with the gaskets.

Pm for where i got mine.

Have had these for couple months now, use then regularly, and have no problems.

My opinion is they are the brightest law's out there that i have seen in use.

ladder 42 , yes wires can be extended. 4 wire hook up of a small gauge, maybe 18 or 20.

hot, ground, sync, pattern.

I strongly recommend these. I plan on changing out all the strobe haw's on my other 2 vehicles.

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