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May 26, 2010
Elkhart Co, IN
Here is a flyer for all Indiana blue lighters:

Ligonier Marshmallow Festival

Blue light parade

hosted by Ligonier Fire Dept.


Line up starts at 9:15pm at Kenny Park,off of West Union St.

Pararde starts at 10:00 pm

(family welcome to ride in vehicle)

Does not matter what kind or how many lights you have, it's just for fun and to meet other firefighters from other counties.

There will be prizes given out at the end of the parade.

Bring the family and enjoy food and activities.

For more info call Tex (574)-551-8859

This is the flyer I got last night. This is I think the 5th year for this. It's pretty cool just come out, and check out the other people's ride.

Thanks and hope to meet you there, Cory
I was on New paris, but I'm now on Benton Twp. we moved. Round up some of your blue buddies and come on over. Just look for "Earl"!
kinnelonfire75 said:
LEOs handing out tickets for improper use of emergency lighting?

That would suck... :roll:

It wouldn't be an improper use when it's during a parade that has been authorized by a municipality.
npfire9 said:
I was on New paris, but I'm now on Benton Twp. we moved. Round up some of your blue buddies and come on over. Just look for "Earl"!

I used to be on Baugo Twp... still have quite a few friends there, as well as Cleveland/Concord/Osolo/Penn, etc. I'll make sure they know about it! :D
For those that missed it, there were 34 personal vehicles in the parade. The parade route took almost one hour to drive. The weather was perfect for this sort of thing, and the public seemed to be impressed with the show. We got several cheers, and a lot of smiles and waves.

I was impressed with the number of vehicles with full lightbars. I think everybody had at least two lights in their vehicle, and I saw some vehicles with a whole lot of time and effort invested in making them seriously visible.

Everyone who entered the parade won a seatbelt cutter for a door prize. Cory won a $70 Streamlight from Tex's main raffle, and the I won a smaller prize for the greatest distance traveled.

Thanks for inviting me Cory, I had a great time! It was great to meet you. Earl is one fine looking truck; outstanding work! I'll definitely be back next year.
We had a good time. That by far is the longest drive that they have done yet. Thanks to shues for driving all that way to show off his jeep. Good looking set-up.

Thanks for the comments about Earl. I just need to find time and get V5.0 posted. It was great meeting other FF's! Now next year we need to get more pov's! I'm hoping that this will help get some more IN. ELB members to come up and show their rides. And tell all your buddies to!!!

Thank you, Cory
I didn't realize this thread was around before the Industry Events forum was created. I've moved it there.

Does anyone know if there will be a parade again this year, or will I need to call "Tex" and ask?
I called "Tex" last night, and learned that he is no longer involved with the fire department. He gave me the number for the fire department, so I called there. I learned that the parade is tomorrow night! Line-up starts while the live band is wrapping up. The target time is 22:30 EDT, and the location is the intersection of 4th and Main in Ligonier, Indiana.
This year's parade is just three days away: Saturday, 8/31/13. Line up begins at 22:15 EDT, and the parade steps of at 23:00. Last year, line up was in front of the Ligonier Fire Station on Third Street. I imagine that, as in years past, prizes will be awarded for the best in show, as well as for the greatest distance traveled to participate.

Come on out, enjoy yourself at the Marshmallow Festival, and stay for the parade to show your support for the area volunteer firefighters. It's worth the drive!

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