Police: Break-in suspect drunk-dialed 911


May 21, 2010
McHenry Co, IL

WOODSTOCK - A 22-year-old broke into Bull Valley’s police station and then answered the phone when dispatchers responded to a 911 hang-up call, police said.

The police station’s burglar alarm went off at about 4 a.m. Saturday, but dispatchers received an emergency call from inside the station before sheriff’s deputies arrive, Lt. James Popovits said. When a dispatcher called back after the line was disconnected, Kyle R. McDougall, 6213 Ojibwa Lane, McHenry, answered, Popovits said.

McDougall was charged with felony criminal damage to government-supported property for allegedly damaging three doors in the historic building, police said.

“I don’t know what his motive actually was,” Popovits said. “It appears he was intoxicated at the time.”

Popovits said there was no indication McDougall was targeting the police station because of a past interaction with police. Nor was there any indication he was motivated by folklore or spiritualism surrounding the historic building, Popovits said.

The Stickney House, 1904 Cherry Valley Road in Bull Valley, houses the village clerk, the police station, and village board meetings.

George Stickney built the two-story yellow brick house between 1849 and 1865 and became one of the first settlers in Nunda Township, according to a history of the house prepared for the village in 1991.

The Stickney family practiced spiritualism, which held the belief that spirits hid in corners. In order to better communicate with the dead, the Stickneys had the outer walls of the house built with rounded corners.

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