Police/Fire/ & EMS Rides from my small county and work county


May 24, 2010
Oxford, MS
So here I will be listing photos throughout time of emergency vehicles from my county & the county where I work for a fire dept instead of making numerous different threads.. I will try to keep them in order as best as I can so bar with me.

Sheriffs Dept.

#04- Sheriffs Dept Investigators Car: x8 Nova Micro Strobes, Dual Dashmaster, HLF, front & rear Strobe HAWS.

[Broken External Image]:http://gi151.photobucket.com/groups/s160/NXOG2YHVX8/DSCN0031.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://gi151.photobucket.com/groups/s160/NXOG2YHVX8/DSCN0035.jpg

#06 - Deputy Car : Legend LED bar, HAWs, HLF, Go Rhino PB

[Broken External Image]:http://gi151.photobucket.com/groups/s160/NXOG2YHVX8/DSCN0809.jpg

#05 Loaded with Sound Off!

[Broken External Image]:http://gi151.photobucket.com/groups/s160/NXOG2YHVX8/DSCN1015.jpg

pics & video: http://www.elightbars.org/forums/f34/its-here-my-omg-look-my-take-home-ride-7013/

Mississippi Highway Patrol

[Broken External Image]:http://gi151.photobucket.com/groups/s160/NXOG2YHVX8/100_5887.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://gi151.photobucket.com/groups/s160/NXOG2YHVX8/100_5890.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://gi151.photobucket.com/groups/s160/NXOG2YHVX8/100_5888.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://gi151.photobucket.com/groups/s160/NXOG2YHVX8/100_5891.jpg

Eupora Police Dept.



#E8 & E5


Mathiston Police Dept.

Webster County Fire Service (we have 9 different depts so...)

Webster County EMS

Medic 4:

Front Bar: Whelen Flushmount bar with x7 700 series LED lightheads (4 red, 3 white)

Grille: Pair of 700 series LED lightheads (Red)

Sides: x2 700 series (red) x2 900 series (Red)

Rear: x5 900 series LED's ( 4 Red , 1 Amber)

Siren: Whelen Dual Tone

Speakers: x2 Chrome whelen flush mounted in bumper.

[Broken External Image]:[URL]http://gi151.photobucket.com/groups/s160/NXOG2YHVX8/th_newambulance.jpg[/URL]

**Just got a new ambulance this week with all 900s, will try to get pics tomorrow.

Just other photos of scenes and randoms

*Funeral Procession of my good friend (fallen Marine killed in action)

[Broken External Image]:http://gi151.photobucket.com/groups/s160/NXOG2YHVX8/100_5908.jpg

*MHP motorcade with my friend*

[Broken External Image]:http://gi151.photobucket.com/groups/s160/NXOG2YHVX8/100_5926.jpg

*MHP motorcade at graveside*

[Broken External Image]:http://gi151.photobucket.com/groups/s160/NXOG2YHVX8/100_5964.jpg
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Jun 15, 2010
I like those strobes in the top of the windshield - I'd love to see interior strobe lightbars but interior lightbars have only come in the age of LEDs...


May 24, 2010
Oxford, MS
Lightbarnut said:
Strange to see a old Dashmaster in use on a new car.

it was in the siren/light room and he wanted it for extra warning to the front since he has an all strobe set-up anyway. It actually added a nice touch to the car besides it being a bulky light.


May 24, 2010
Oxford, MS
JaBradt85 said:
. O ok, yea the strobes in the top corners are fine with that shield on them and fit nice and snugg to the windshield. The dashmaster is on a separate switch but this guy works day time so its cool.

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