policelightz LED Review


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May 20, 2010
policelightz LED Review


Where do I start? Items arrived quickly well packaged in a small flatrate USPS box. (without damage to the exterior of the USPS box- note for later)

Got home and opened up the box. Inside were two lighthead boxes, damaged, (imo) with a silver barcode sticker on each box. Not a good first impression... Damaged boxes. Lightheads inside appear to be undamaged thou, so I continue on.

Inside the box is a standard flange, rubber gasket and two screws in a bag. (nothing new here) First thing I notice is the lighthead size. They are a bit smaller than any other 4 linear lighthead I have ever owned. Than I noticed the same random silver barcode sticker that was on the box- was also on the lighthead- with poor placement. Its located on the side of the light- partially on the lens. Even with the flange, you can still clearly see the sticker. (fail) Also worth a note- unlike all the other brands- there is no piece of plastic covering the lens.

Than I started looking a bit harder at these. Something didn't seem right but I was having issues trying to figure it all out.

Build quality is HORRIBLE. I mean, I expect some minor errors- but nothing as glaring as the following:

1. Lens AND OPTICS are WARPED on the front in multiple places- INCLUDING the exterior of the lens being not square. I'd hazard a guess it was pulled out of the plastic mold too early and left to warp/cool.. or the mold is misformed. There is a noticeable dip in the long part of the lens (see images below) Lens also has minor imperfections contained within. (air bubble, etc)

2. Bad quality metal heatsink/base. Even with the paint it appeared there was some surface rust forming underneath. (pitting, etc)

3. The circuit board the LED's are mounted on is not firmly mounted to the heatsink in some places.

4. LED's- not as bright as I was expecting.. actually not very bright at all. I put it up against some other lights- including axixtech linear04's, LEDGUY led's, PIMP PODS (tir version, fyi) Whelen, tomar and some other knock off linear brands, and they were not impressive at all. I than took a look at the actual LED's used- and they (visually) appear to be a different type than what most the other comparable lights were using. Are these really 1 watt LED's??? (sorry I didn't take photos of every light I compared it to...)

5. Build quality is HORRIBLE as well. When a lens is not firmly mounted to the heatsink- more so when it is screwed in place... well. This is even more apparent with the fact the screws are sticking out a at least 3mm with the lens not tightened down.. So almost a good 7-9mm of slack that never got taken up.. (images below)

6. Whatever was used to seal the lens to the heatsink- it has been applied sparingly, and not consistently. I found a few locations where water could easily get "in".

7. Back to the lens- you know how there is that "cutout" on a linear lighthead in the centre of the lens? (kinda like a oval?) Well, this one REALLY is cut out- (I guess) to save on costs the factory left a INDENT in the centre of the oval- so there is a good 2-3 CM of indent space for lots of debris/dust/mud/dirt/snow/ice to accumulate and block light output. Also personally, I prefer a smooth surface lens.. keep the optics inside.. Don't build it into the outside of the light. I suspect this cost cutting measure also has some effect on the warped lens and optics..

8. I would not trust these at all in a exterior application.. at least not the two I received.

9. A few patterns are horrible.. While a few others are Amazing!

What I do like about these lights.

1. Size.. a slightly smaller footprint.

2. SCREW TABS on the heatsink!!

3. Long enough wires

4. Flange and Gasket seem sturdy/flexible enough

5. Don't really get that hot.. Possibly due to either lower rated LED's.. (really 1 watt???) or possibly underdriven. Either way.. Light output is a negative.

6. Some good patterns- One of the split wig wag patterns is at a amazingly good speed IMO.. not too fast, and not too slow. I wish more lightheads have this speed for this pattern.

So overall...



Price--6 (lost marks due to construction/output)

Over all-- 4

Personally, I would not purchase these lights until QC is tightened right up, and some issues with brightness are looked into. You would be much better to spend your $$ on another value brand of LED light. These may make a good secondary warning light- but again, I would not trust them on a exterior of a vehicle....

To put things in perspective with light output- I've seen Bicycle taillights (led) brighter than these..

Also I'm curious how these are related to whacker Tech brand of lighting- seeing as these do not appear to be the same model linear led they sell on their website..















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