Policia Federal Mexicana (Mexican Federal Police) Department Police car Restoration

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    The Mexican Federal Police has restored an original 1982 Dodge Diplomat from their fleet back to its former glory. It will be on display at the agency's headquarters. The Diplomat is from its now defunct mother agency Policia Federal de Caminos ( Federal Police Highway Patrol) It is currently awaiting the restoration of its Federal Signal Jetsonic lightbar.

    The agency ran three different Jetsonic configurations, the first was all red to the front with take downs, driver side rear all Blue, passenger side rear all Amber (This ones my favorite because its a unique configuration). They also ran a red outer with blue inners to the front with no take downs and blue outer with amber inners to the rear. The third was candy cane red/blue front and back. I do not know which configuration they will be utilizing on the Diplomat.

    I have attached picture of the late model Dodge that they used up until their recent color change and pics of units with all three styles of Jetsonics.

    Check out the Cool push bumper or as they call it " Tumba Burros!" (Translation: Donkey knock overs).

    Fun fact: The highway patrol did not use divider cages they had special brackets bolted/welded to the rear floor boards between your feet area, they would attach the arrestees handcuffs to them for transport. It was not a comfortable ride for the arrestee being in a forced fetal style position all the way to jail.

    I don't know about you but I like it!


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    More pics of Former Mexican Highway patrol units with the different style of Jetsonics used. The Departments slogan is Discipline- Loyalty- Sacrifice!





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    It was long rumored that that Chrysler put a turbo in the Mexican police package K cars. Still sounds funny to say police package K car, but it was real.
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    Due to the agency being very loyal to the Chrysler Corp for many years. Dodge catered to this department as they did with the CHP. The agency received many specially built vehicles from Dodge. I heard the K cars, Dodge spirits and Dodge Stratus all came with turbo's and other special features from factory for this agency. There was an article about them somewhere, I just can't remember where. I know it was in a Police car book I read. The picture below is a photo from an old Mexican magazine article.

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    I still haven't been able to get a picture of this car with the Jetsonic mounted atop. :(
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    I love the Policia Federal de Caminos also the old Mexican border patrol.
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    I got NOS Jetsonic Mexico special coming to me with an added extra special something.....stay tuned:)
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    I love Mexican police vehicles they are way more interesting than US police vehicles that all have the generic whelen catalog package. I like the weird stuff they install and just use the basic necessities not a crazy circus lightshow. I have driven Mexican Municipal Police trucks back in my high school days when I would visit my Uncle who was a chief of police in a small Mexican town I was able to respond to calls drive the police vehicles and tag along anytime I wanted the Mayor was also my cousin so that helped LOL. The police vehicles we had was 2007s Chevy single cab standard transmission with a Code 3 Excalibur red blue lenses rotators in the corners and strobes in the center loved it.
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    Since JetSonics all had clear lenses with colored filters, I'm quite certain there were more than three combinations of colored filters being driven around Mexico.

    Mexico also had a habit of putting their unit numbers on the lenses of their lightbars, particularly their StreetHawks.
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