Preemption Strobe on Edge Freedom

Got an Edge Freedom recently. It has a preemption strobe. Can't figure out how to get it going. The bar has two additional power cables with what I'm guessing are trigger wires. I haven't opened the bar up yet to see if the power supply is on the strobe, but it's just a 500 series strobe with TIR or LR11 t/ds on each side.

Any suggestions? If it doesn't have the power supply, any suggestions there. I'd love to put a Tomar Neobe supply in if that's the case, but likely won't go that route due to Tomar supplies putting out more juice. Don't want to fry the strobe.


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You'll need a preemption supply if you want the strobe lighthead to function as a preemption emitter.


Do you want a functioning pre-emption? Or convert the strobe tube you have to a standard strobe?

You would have to open up the bar and investigate the wiring associated with the strobe tube in the bar. It may be just a standard 3 wire strobe cable coming out of it and exiting the bar. There might be an internal pre-emption power supply inside the bar. And all you have to do is power the power supply. A few of my old rigs had strobe pre-emption strobes but they had what I called a control box that had a power switch on the front and had a couple (more than three) wires coming out of it going up to the strobe. Not sure if it’s the power supply required to fire the tube or if it was just other control electronics. I attached a pic of what I am describing for reference.

If your looking to just change out the strobe to a standard strobe.... I am sure it can be done. And if you want to use a neobe peer supply (always loved that pattern!!) just research what strobe tube you currently have and the neobe as far as wiring required for the strobe tube. If I remember correctly if you wanted to use a Whelen HAW strobe with a Federal Signal power, you would have to switch some pins around. Not sure how Tomar pins their connectors. So in other words.... just research it before firing it up.

And always.... good luck and keep us posted!CB6825FC-843B-47C8-860B-B644C44F9C73.jpeg

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