Printed Wire for upfitters. - Do you want it?


Jan 26, 2011
Loveland, Colorado
So we are wanting to gauge the interest in installers who would want printed wire available to them without doing a "special order".

basically we would stock wire with common emergency vehicle terms on it like


Grill lights


rear warn

side warn

siren speaker +

Siren Speaker -



Undebody lights

clear warning

Take down

Right scene

Left scene

gun lock

12 volt power


then spool it into 100' 500' and 1000' spools.

It is an NFPA requirement on the big vehicles, and a recomendation on the smaller ones, plus it just makes it easier for the guy down the road to troubleshoot any issues that would arise.

Right now, we are thinking of just doing 16 gauge, and it would come out to $15 for 100 feet Printed. Higher qty spools would be cheaper by the foot.

Any interest? Would you buy it?

any other terms you would use?





May 22, 2010
indiana, USA
heck yes that would be great to have. that would be so nice and not having to have a differant color for each differant light or function!! keep us informed ill buy some!

PC Comms

May 30, 2010
Beautiful southern Georgia!
HELL YEAH!!!! Sign me up!!

PC Comms

May 30, 2010
Beautiful southern Georgia!
Just a suggestion if I may though. Some other names that might be useful:

12 volt const.

12 volt ign.

Aux 1

Aux 2

Aux 3

Aux 4


May 20, 2010
Massillon, Ohio
I currently only use 14ga wire.

white goes to headlight flasher

white and gray twisted to horn ring

black 2 conductor zip wire to speakers

yellow to grill

blue to dash / deck

purple to strobe

brown to sides

black to all ground

red constant

orange ignition

green to gun rack

I think the labeling is a good idea tho.

Fast LT1

May 24, 2010
Sedgwick County, KS
I'd be in pending more details, just the basics for me, like grille lights, deck, wig wags, etc...


Jan 26, 2011
Loveland, Colorado
I think we would do different colors with different lables. It makes it very nice when you are searching for stuff. There may be some overlap in colors, but you still have the label. For the guy troubleshooting later it is nice cause they don't need to know the color.

as far as different sizes, i am thinking we will do some in 14 for higher draw stuff like wigwags and scene lights, and 16 for most everything else since most stuff is going to LED.

Again, this could change and it would be great to have all text in all sizes, but we need to see demand for it first.

here is my thoughts on colors and text:

Gauge Color Text

12 Red Ignition

12 Red battery

14 White WigWag

14 Red power point

14 blue acc 1

14 green acc2

14 Purple Rear Warning

14 Brown COMM

14 Yellow Flood/alley/scene

14 Green Flood/Alley/Scene

16 Pink map

16 red Front Warn

16 green right warn

16 yellow left warning

16 orange deck

16 Blue Dash

16 Red Underbody

16 Brown Gun lock

16 Purple Acc 3

16 purple Acc 4

We are not sure we would/could do all of these the first round unless we had preorder sales. Then after we judge/forcast interest, we will keep it in stock always.

anyone have ideas on what they would buy for quantity? and which spools they would get?

Pricing Currently would be (estimated)

16 100' spools - $15

16 500' spools - $75

16 1000' spools - $140

14 100' spools - $20

14 500' spools - $95

14 1000' spools - $180

Would you be willing to help us out by doing pre-order on the first round, just so we know interest? Payment/transactions would not be complete untill product shipped. We just don't want to buy all of this without somesort of forcast that we can actually move the wire.

Let me know thoughts, questions, or concerns.

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