Programing siren tones on Whelen 295SLS6


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Jun 18, 2010
I am trying to program the siren tones on my whelen 295 and need some help. The instal guide says I can simply use the "scanlock button" to change the tones. Is this correct? or do I need to open it up like the old version and change the dip switches


May 20, 2010
Yes, that is correct. There is a small, white, recessed button on the back that u can use a pin or small screw driver to push in. For t1-3, put the nob on that position and press the button to change the tone (one press= new tone). For the alternate (when manual is pushed), press and hold manual and cycle through to the secondary tone you desire. The push and hold method is also how you change the radio, man1, and man 2 settings. For HF, press man to turn it on, find you tone, press man again, new tone, etc


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Jun 18, 2010
Thank you for the info. Stew rocks for posting that video. Seems much easier than the older version. BTW, they don't like coffee :lol:

My Sergeant wasn't laughing though..

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