Proper wiring.


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I'm about to finally install my Jetstrobe light bar on my truck. I want to add some grill lights later. I would come off the battery with a circuit breaker and into the control head, then to the lights? Should I go to some sort of distribution box that I can hook in some grill lights later? My control head and light are all fused, is that enough? Any other safety fuses or things I need to do, other than adding a main circuit breaker to the battery? Also relays....where do relays come into this? I'm not sure if they are built into the control head.

If someone could give me a quick guideline on installing wiring to a Federal signal Jetstrobe controlled with a SW400SS control head, I 'd be grateful. I'm not happy just hooking it straight into the battery....I want it to be safe, reliable and kinda professional looking, haha. thanks.


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I believe each function from the control head is on its own circuit? So if I have the entire light bar lit up and pulling max amps, it doesn't mean the entire load is being pulled off of one wire? I assume the load is divided up inside the control head through each function wire.

I'm so lost, please tell me if I'm kinda in the right direction.


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First things first: add up the actual Amp load of your light bar and future grille lights, add 25%, and that determines the capacity of the main feed from the battery. Size the wire and breaker appropriately.

The SW400SS should be able to handle all of your switching and circuit needs. Each of the three slide switch positions is a separate relay-controlled circuit. Position 1 is protected by a fuse (20A max) and positions 2 and 3 are protected by a shared circuit breaker (40A combined for both). The four rocker switches each have their own fuse (20A max per switch).


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