Question on location of factory HLF on 08 Impala


May 25, 2010
Dallas, TX
One of our 08 Impala unmarked cars' HLF is not working - not sure it ever was actually. A friend pulled the kick panel on the front passenger side just forward of the door frame. Did not see it there nor under the hood. This is a police package, not sure if it is a 9C1 or 9C3 since the label is not found in the glove box or door jamb.

Anyone have any suggestions where to look for the HLF so I can check to see if it is getting power?

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

cory y

May 21, 2010
Its inboard of the right headlight behind the grille. Pull the top black plastic and look down... there should be a black box bolter to a vertical support

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