radio to control lights......


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May 22, 2010
New York City
about 2 hours ago i was at a MVA , there was another volly ambulance emt also there and he took out a ht1250 off his belt, and pressed some buttons and his lights on his suv turned off....... i didnt get into details with him as it was a busy scene, but does anyone know how he did it?


Jun 2, 2010
Central IL and PHX
Just a guess on my part, but something similar to this DTMF Relay Control Board looks like it might be a way to accomplish this.

If you click the photo links in the description, there are some decent pictures of the unit. As I said, just a guess but it looks like it can control relays and has some features built in that could accomplish what you described.


May 21, 2010
Brockport NY
There was a video on youtube I remember seeing. The guy had one of those DTMF control boards with the audio output from a scanner going into the input of the DTMF board. On his scanner, he had the frequency (I believe it was a ham frequency) on priority mode and had different DTMF codes for different functions (one of them being a momentary option that he used for his train horn)

I'm still searching youtube for it with no luck.

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May 28, 2010
This one is available stateside and has been in use at a couple different sites we run - always fun to turn on the inside strobes and siren in a mountain top building after hearing the alarm contact closure go out over the air :)

You could also use a latching kill relay tied to either DTMF or Quick Call II signaling off of most modern radios using the Horn/Lights output.


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May 20, 2010
So, stupid question...

Does anyone make one of these where it has relay control AND can be also controlled manually by switches contained within the vehicle (like override/ console switching) without buggering up the controller board?

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