RANT: Non-communicative Sellers

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by CrownVic97, May 14, 2017.

  1. CrownVic97

    CrownVic97 Veteran Member

    Okay, I rarely, RARELY, ever post things like this, but I feel I need to let others here know before they stumble across this ad and get sucked into the game this person has led me on.

    On the 18th of March, I came across this Letgo ad during a search for beacons out of boredom at work on a night shift...
    Mars SW3 Skybolt letgo.png

    I thought. "What a great opportunity to add a nice Mars Skybolt to my collection!" So, I created an account and got ahold of this Walker Chandler. I've archived all my chat with him from March 18th to just tonight. Read it for yourselves and you'll see why I'm not thrilled and just disgusted that I had to let this beacon drift away due to utter seller incompetence. All the dates are there from the history of the chat.
    chat1.jpg chat2.jpg chat3.jpg chat4.jpg chat5.jpg chat6.jpg

    If anybody else has any luck with this guy, then they're the lucky ones I guess. This has been a test of my patience and I've never seen anybody just ignore the fact that I was willing to pay what they asked for that Skybolt Beacon and willing to pay shipping on it and instead lead me on a got-damn goose chase.

    So beyond frustrated right now.....:mad:
  2. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    I have found letgo to be a major PITA most of the time. I refuse to sell on it, and have stopped attempting to buy from it. Most sellers are Millennials that have no care in the world to follow through, let alone communicate. The occasional good deal just isn't worth the hassle. For example, I found a Federal Z siren with light on there for $700 (not bad for as rare as they are). Offered seller to pay for shipping etc, he told me he didn't want to hassle with shipping, paypal etc. Fast forward a month he lowered the price to $150! So I message again offering him $500 for it stating I would need it shipped. I was told to pound sand...
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  3. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Stampeed Valkyrie Senior Member Silver Level Member

    Keep in mind letgo has several "known" technical issues beyond just typical CL seller games.
    The chat function via the web works when it wants to.. I have confirmed this with myself and others. The search function on the web displays items that the mobile app does not.. The mobile app chat function doesn't notify you when someone is trying to reach you, so you need to log in all the time to see what is going on.

    Also keep in mind people do not want to ship! I have spoken with several who either thought I was scamming until I showed up... or just really didn't want the hassle of shipping.

    just my .02
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  4. CrownVic97

    CrownVic97 Veteran Member

    Well, I guess he understood the last message clear as a frickin' bell.....:rolleyes:

    Granted I tried to block him first, but apparently you can't block on PCs, just on the dumb app. Oh well, I still have this I guy I completed last month:
    I'll make a thread in "Vintage & Collectibles" on this guy. Head over to that forum for more :D.

    Still have been cool to get that SW3, but that's still on the want list ;).
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  5. CrownVic97

    CrownVic97 Veteran Member

    The fact that most of his responses were so short is what bugs me, Valkyrie. I get that Letgo has a very crappy message system, but when I provide a phone number to at least talk to me to get around Letgo's piss-poor chat and not even attempt to contact me there, I find no excuse for it. If he wasn't interested in shipping, he should have told me right off the bat and I would have been on my way, no fuss, no muss. As stated, there's more chrome SW3s out there, just gotta stay patient.
  6. kerry4951

    kerry4951 Junior Member

    I agree with Tony. Letgo is a PITA site. I wont deal with it anymore. Id rather bid against other bidders on Ebay. Atleast they have a feedback system, use Paypal, and most sellers ship.
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  7. dcb

    dcb Member Silver Level Member

    It goes both ways, too - non-communicative buyers. I cant tell you how many times I've answered emails, chats, phone calls, etc and invested my time trying to help a buyer make an educated purchase or just facilitate the process and make a sale -- only to find out he doesnt have any money, or he was just thinking about buying or he has to check with his boss/wife/mom, whatever. This includes agencies too. I share your frustrations, its all part of the game.
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  8. southpaw

    southpaw Gold Level Member

    skated ok on a letgo buy.... found a nice Fed. Sig. Model 16 for $65. Chatted with the seller, who agreed (whew!) to ship from TX to AZ. But.. she had no paypal account. She opened one up,while we were chatting, I got the funds to her, and its on its way here. But can see how a letgo purchase may not always be the easiest thing in the world..
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  9. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    How about sellers that out right lie... Multiple times...grr. Have a new badge ordered... Placed order in January. Middle of February said it was shipping next week. April arrives and they say it's not ready yet. End of April it's ready to ship. May comes and it'll ship tomorrow... Last week "it'll ship Wednesday overnight"... Today they finally shipped and it's supposed to arrive Saturday... Which means Monday since no one is on the office on the weekend. Gah!
  10. southpaw

    southpaw Gold Level Member

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  11. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    Ha thanks for the laugh
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  12. southpaw

    southpaw Gold Level Member

    you betcha!
  13. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Stampeed Valkyrie Senior Member Silver Level Member

    I'm gonna add to this rant just because..

    Buyers who contact you and then claim "dibs" and get all butt-hurt when you sell it to someone else..

    Seriously.. $$ is what talks.. BS walks.
    I don't care who contacted me first.. I care who pays the $$. If you can't get you act together and pay for the item in a timely matter.. then GFY!

    ok rant mode off.

    nothing to see here move along.
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