Raydian: Gut & re-wire, or leave alone?

May 21, 2010
Berlin, MI, 48002
I've got a Raydian bar I've been fighting with lately. It was a parts bar that had Solaris modules in it but had a whole endcap & modules missing.

Its' all amber & will have 5 Solaris modules out back & the rest are Cuda LEDs & 2 TD's; no Hotfeet.

The problem I have is that the factory internal wiring is sooooooooo beyond stupid its' not funny. Just the way its' routed, where things plug in, how things plug in, leads being shorter lengths, etc. Also one huge circuit board runs everything, which II don't like.

I'm thinking of ripping all the factory stuff out & just putting a couple sho-me strobe flashers in & re-doing the wiring my way.

I CAN use some of the parts (cables) for my other Raydian...

So, should I live with the factory wiring...or tear it apart & put the sho-me's in?

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