Reaching out for amber...

I have been approached by the Toronto Wildlife Centre to set up amber lighting on their rescue van.

I will be doing the install work for free, however I'm looking for donations of amber or white (or combo) lighting and a switch box to use in the installation. I have scaled back my business and don't have much stock.

Ideally I would like to set them up with some form of LED traffic director and some form of LED light bar. Gen 2 or 3 is fine but I do ask that the items be in good, functional condition as this van tends to get a lot of media attention and is somewhat of a showpiece for the centre.

I'm willing to pay for shipping of these items to a Niagara Falls NY shipping centre out of my own pocket.

The Toronto Wildlife Centre does terrific work and I'm proud to help them out. I have included a link to their web site so you can have a look for yourself.

Feel free to contact them to verify my story, ask for Andrew, he's the rescue guy setting up donations for the van.

Thank you,


You can reach me directly at 416-735-3473
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I would get a hold of Star Warning Systems. They might donate something being they based in New York. No promises, but they've donated items in years past to similar organizations.
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