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Hi All.
Just wanted to reintroduce myself to the group; I was previously a member of this site for quite a while but kinda fell off the topic over time, as other things developed in my life. - couldn't remember my membership info and reregistered again a couple of years later.
Anyway, began being involved in emergency services back in high school in the early - mid 70s, through Explorer Scouts, and by the end of the 70s had become a volunteer FF, a p.t. career staff EMT ( in those days they called it a 'M.E.T.'- "medical emergency technician, lol NYS), and was a Sheriff's Deputy.
Also had developed a side gig for some extra cash, doing pov and dept installs with a buddy of mine. We made a little money, but mostly just helped out other FF's and EMS folks we knew.
Over life, left LE to become a career Paramedic and worked for NYC*EMS until the merger with FDNY in '96, and went into critical care nursing. And now closing out my career as a transport and flight RN.
Never lost the bug for emergency vehicles, lights, sirens, and communications, and have tinkered around with various restorations and builds. So many times I've come to the site for assistance with projects, and advice on equipment, and I just wanted to thank everyone here that helped me out, and the many who went out of their way to provide info, manuals, missing pieces, and needed equipment.
Just did a rebuild/modifying a Code 3 360 from the 8 strobe model with 3 rotators, to LED, 4 rotators, and an intersection light in the center for my emergency management vehicle: pics to follow once I get it mounted. Next project is revising an amber Excalibur bar for my snow plowing truck and an Ecco 4 strobe bar for the shop.
Just wanted to say hi, and give so many folks here that helped me out over the years a well deserved Thanks.
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