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May 28, 2010
I was looking at some items, including lights in a tow truck supplier and happened up a couple of battery powered remote controlled lights. Has anyone seen or tried these? It might be something for someone needs a like temporally but doesn't want hassle with running wires every time they want to use it. I found two, the first one is a throw light:

[Broken External Image]:

found at: ... emote.aspx

The other one is a light bar:

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Info found here: ... htbar.aspx

Now before the whacker comments get started, I don't own either of these nor do I have any plans to do so. But for someone who doesn't want to drill holes and/or run wires, this might be an alternate. Also, it gives you guys something different to discuss.

I did try to do a search on the old board but did not find anything on this.
I have a non-remote control version of the first beacon, and with fresh batteries it might keep someone from tagging a disabled vehicle, but no way it could serve as a for-real warning device. It might help to crank the speed up - mine is adjustable - but the LEDs don't have enough illuminated surface area or dwell to be really effective. I also doubt that it is sufficiently weatherproof for any duration. I use mine mainly as an attention getter at public presentations, serious cop stuff like SafetyTown and recruiting, and at the range. For actual use in the field, the Marpac LED line has worked really well for me, and they have a slew of different mounting options. They aren't enough for primary vehicular warning, but for obstruction marking they work fine.

I had actually traded e-mail with the TowMate people asking if they would do blue - at that time it was amber only.

There is definitely a place in the market for high quality wireless lights. Companies in Europe like Britax have made them for a while, but I've only found a tiny number of sources and can't cut the hassle of dealing with an overseas dealer. Some Italian company does a combo wireless siren/beacon combo I'd love to get a hold of.

Fortunately, now you can pack a Talon in your luggage and put it on the dash of a rental car, but in the old days of Fireballs and Dashlasers, i got tired of choking myself out on the cord, or crawling across the seat so i could put it out the passenger side.
crescentstar69 said:
You pack lights for a rental car???

Don't see why you would need that unless you were a Federal Agent.
Fast LT1 said:
Don't see why you would need that unless you were a Federal Agent.

Or you get detailed to multi-agency task force and rotate rentals every couple of weeks, or you get detailed to something like Katrina or the Olympics, or you get detailed to work UFAP or warrant cases with the the USMS in another state. The feds will provide you with a per diem for lap dances before they'll let you drive one of their cars.
I can see the concept, and have even experimented with it (Ask Grumpy, we've both bought and used some remote control switches from Pep Boys). I have also recently discovered that one remote control battery designed for 12 v remote start controls will power a pair of TIR 3s. Wired in parallel, these cells (which are smaller than an N cell) could probably power a small LED beacon.

I have had motor pool cars assigned (some even equipped with sirens) where the cigar socket fuse was blown, and no spare fuses. And I have also seen Secret Service and ATF rent mini-vans and display blue throw lights (teardrops or Fire Beams). They depended upon local or state law enforcement agency escorts when siren warnings were needed, but the blue lights gave them access to the scene.
I have ran a TIR6 off of a 9 volt transistor radio battery 24/7 for several day just to see how long it would last. Even as it dims, it is still very bright.
Jared @ 911Lights said:
I really don't see anything being bright enough for primary warning running off an internal battery.

That could be an interesting project. I think its possible, just don't know if I have to expertise to make one.
There are plenty of battery operated strobes that are bright enough for photo and SOLAS use, there would have to be some way to boost battery power by capacitors that a LED should be more tha bright enough.
Yeah, the Europeans get all the cool stuff - VAMA has some neat little remote controlled spotlights, too, and the individual Vector pods. I'm going to have to plan a vacation to Bosnia or Chechnya or someplace.
I think the wireless lightbar/emergency light concept is one I would like to see developed. Having to run a simple power and ground would be better than a whole harness. It could work right? It would probaly make the product more expensive but again, would be a great idea. Less in the way of wire runs, switch control could be a wireless unit like the traffic advisor mentioned here.
I can only imagine the nightmares that public safety radio system administrators have due to the concept of wirelessly controlled warning lights. :)

That said, if it can be done without creating interference (read: no cheap crap) then it could be pretty cool.
Is there a market for remote control lights? Yes, but it is probably very slim. I honestly think remote activation of light systems and K9 systems is more useful than an actual remote light.

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