Rubber flashback shields won’t stay up


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Jul 17, 2014
Lagrange KY
My code3 supervisor is a 2 piece unit. The original flashback rubbers were old and I had to duck tape them up. I got tired of looking at the duck tape. I called code 3 and they graciously sent me a free replacement set of the same rubber flashback shields I had. I removed the red 3m adhesive backing and stuck them up the other night. I did it at around 0100 to mitigate the heat. I also installed my sun visor before I went to bed to give the adhesive ample time to cure. When I got in my truck at 1400 both rubber flashback shields were on the floor.
Not sure what to do now?
How can I reattach them?
Should I use expoxy or super glue?
Or should I just get another set?
I will add pictures of everything. Thanks


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Oct 20, 2010
Rehoboth, MA
This is an ongoing issue. We always hot glue them on before each install because its inevitable that they will fall off. I just put the tip of the gun under the edge and run it all the way from one end to the other.

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