RV 26/46 Beacon Questions

I realize Unity has stated that they cannot find a suitable replacement for the motors in the RV series beacons. However, I'm sure some of us who are trying to maintain old lights would like to try to find a source if we can. Would it be possible to get the specs (RPM, amp ratings, etc.) on the old motor(s) to help people look for replacements?

Is there other historical information out there that might be useful to people? As in, when were the RV 26/46 series of lights introduced? Why were the lights offered in both 5 and 6 inch bulb configurations? When did Unity change from the flat-sided motors to the round housing motors? When did Unity start to galvanize the metal parts (light housings, motor housings, etc.)? Were there rubber grommets originally included in the base of the lights? What kind of paint was used to create the spitfire domes, and how were the clear areas masked (not the easiest thing in the world to put tape on the inside of a cylinder). What kind of lubrication was used on the shaft that holds the light housings, and what kind of lubricant was used on/between the worm gear and the main gear?

Any details would be great.



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To help you out with your motor question, one of our members on here that goes by Skulldigger repairs motors in most all of these old lights and does a great job at it. Very reasonable too. Unity Mfg is a member on this forum so you could probably ask your questions to them for the best responses.


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Our resident beacon "expert" has been working on a response, but went on vacation this week. Wanted to let you know we are working on response but since it is not an active product it takes time to find information.
Awesome -- thank you very much -- I'll be excited to get the response. The RV26/46 beacons are simple devices but are still works of engineering art IMO like old desk fans (and like Unity A-pillar spot lights!) that deserve to be appreciated and preserved.