Semi-Covert 2010 Expedition Install

John Hearne

May 27, 2010
Pontotoc County, MS
Need some input on setting up a 2010 Ford Expedition. The vehicle is a supervisor’s and is occasionally used as a takedown vehicle in a UC operation so the install needs to be somewhat covert. It doesn’t have to be “secret squirrel” but if a normal person drives past it, it shouldn’t scream “cop,” especially from the front.

Left over from the last install, we have some Tomar RECT25 LEDs:

2 – Double Red/Blue

1 – Double Red/Clear

1 – Double Blue/Clear

1 – Double Red/Amber

1 – Double Blue/Amber

2 – Single Blue

Rear setup:

-Last install had three of the Tomar Doubles mounted on angle iron in a A/R-R/B-B/A config that sat between the luggage rack mounts. We’ll probably rearrange that to R/R-A/A-B/B and alternate the outsides with the center light.

-A set of SoundOff Ghosts R/B on either side of the license plate, hanging down from the silver assembly holding the license plate light.

-Traffic Backer (model recommendation appreciated)


-Eight Head Whelen Dominator Plus (B/B/B/B/R/R/R/R) mounted deep into the top grill slot

-Set of Sound Off Par 36’s (R/B) in factory fog light positions

-Set of Sound Off Intersector Under Mirror (R/B)

-Headlight Flasher (model recommendation appreciated)


-Leftover Tomar RECT 25 mounted at running board level, not sure of exact configuration

(plus coverage from Intersectors)

We've thought about adding a 10-75 license plate bracket with LINZ-6’s (R/B) and the idea of putting a set of LINZ-6’s on the bumper tucked up by the trailer hitch. I'd like some Sound Off Undercover LED inserts but don't think they'll work in the Expedition headlights. I'd like to get the Dominator with colored lenses as they seem to hide better but don't know if they're an option.

Any other ideas or comments?
For front warning I recommend something higher up - may be small, but it's better than nothing up top. Try either a LED visor light or a throw light which most people would prefer in LED but I prefer halogen. The Las Vegas SWAT uses a slim LED mini-lightbar as a throw light, but they've got less warning lower down.

Using even a little more warning up top will be a great benefit with lots of traffic, as the visor light will put a bright light forward, where it's most needed, and a throw light will be a bit more of a mounting problem since you've got to stick it out the window manually, but it'll surely be at least 180 degrees of extra warning to the front where it's most important since you've got more warning in back, and possibly extra warning to the back depending on the luggage rack situation.
John Hearne said:
-Traffic Backer (model recommendation appreciated)

John Hearne said:
-Headlight Flasher (model recommendation appreciated)
SOS Select-a-Pattern (ETHFSS-SP). Whelen HLF also works.

--I think it sounds like a good install. i personally wouldn't bother with LAWs on the expedition. also, i think that you should mount a slimlighter (bail mount) up front above the RVM...i feel that it needs more upper level warning, but at the same time, i am not a fan of the idea of throw lights, b/c if the operator needs to go code3 in a rush (i.e. a takedown, respond somewhere, etc.), the 1st thing on his mind isn't going to always be the throw light or putting the passenger-side visor down to display a visor light. yes, the slimlighter will inevitably have some flashback, but i think it's the best route to go for upper level lighting here, imo, b/c it's always there ready to go, it's covert (extremely thin), and it provides solid upper warning that can punch through the upper window tint.

--with regards to the rear, i like the idea of using the tomar rects, but i'd mount them inside (custom mount) to the headliner, as opposed to outside between the luggage racks, for a more covert look. i also think that you're already fine in rear warning with the setup you already have suggested and personally don't think that lights mounted down by the trailer hitch are worth it.

--all tir3's have clear lenses only. the best i can think of for making them (on the dominator) stand out less is that some guys here on the board have put black stockings around grill lights to conceal them a bit more.
Place the 2 r/b's in the grill.

The r/a and b/a in the rear glass

The r/c and c/b above the RVM with the clears steady burn as takedowns and r/b flashing.



I thnk its simple and effctive some may disagree but it was done using most of the leftover stuff minus the HLF TLF.
Does the current Slimlighter have its switch on the cigarette cord or the light itself. If it's on the light itself, that would work as a day time light that can be quickly turned off at night to avoid flashback.

Thanks for the comments so far....
John Hearne said:
Does the current Slimlighter have its switch on the cigarette cord or the light itself. If it's on the light itself, that would work as a day time light that can be quickly turned off at night to avoid flashback.

Thanks for the comments so far....
If not get one of Hutch's Slimlighter shields.
I would put a inner edge, even if you only put the half on the passenger side. I use to have 2 slimlighters Tir6 on top of the front window and the flashback is terrible. You can order Rect25's in color lenses if you need them . Nice setup. I think if its for PD use not POV all lights should be fixed. I dont know how covert the sos mirror leds are. Make sure to post pics of the final install. You can blackout the LP so all the perps on ELB wont recognise the car. lol

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