Senior Constable John Atkinson, Windsor Police Service (EOW: May 5, 2006)

Senior Constable John Atkinson, of the Windsor Police Service (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) was killed in the line of duty on May 5, 2006. Sr Const. Atkinson was well-respected and liked by all, including the criminal element. He was killed in the line of duty while attempting to stop a drug deal in progress. I never knew him personally, but I've only ever heard good things about him, even from bad guys. All accounts that I've heard say that he was a "Gentleman Cop" that was excellent at what he did and loved what he did. He loved working with the public and showed compassion to all, even criminals. He was a family man, with a wife and two children. He was active in his community and the first officer in the 150 year history of the Windsor Police Service to be killed in the line of duty. He wasn't just one of the good ones, he was one of the very best ones. His funeral was attended by LE from all over North America and abroad, EMS, Fire-Rescue, Canada Border Services Agency officers, provincial Correctional Officers, Correction Service Canada (federal) Correctional Officers and members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Bursaries, scholarships and a section of the Herb Gray Parkway have been dedicated to him and his legacy. He's never forgotten.

As a client once said to me: "Even us criminals liked John Atkinson. He was always straight with you and treated you with respect. He just knew how to work with guys like me. He just understood people. He knew if you were having a rough time and he treated you like a person."

The punk that murdered Sr. Const. Atkinson received a life sentence w/ no chance of parole for 25 years (Canada's stiffest sentence at the time). Chances are certain that he'll never be paroled. If we still had the noose, he'd have most definitely received it. He was already despised on the streets, but after word got around that he killed Sr. Const. Atkinson, he had to enter PC while awaiting trial because the other criminals wanted to have a crack at him. John Atkinson was that well-liked and that well-respected. I've heard from reliable sources that the punk's really not faring well in prison. On his first day in Millhaven, he allegedly ran afoul of members of a certain motorcycle club and was allegedly extorted amongst other things. His family allegedly received several extortion calls/threats. He was placed in Ad Seg for his own protection and was later moved to a facility well-known for housing many of the most undesirable undesirables. Said motorcycle club allegedly told the punk that they'll never forget who he is and if he ever gets out, they'll be waiting for him. Street justice is appropriate in this case, IMO.

Rest In Peace Senior Constable Atkinson. We've never forgotten you, who you were or your legacy and we never will.

Stand Easy.

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