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May 20, 2010
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Well, since many people have asked in threads, and also by PM,

I finally managed to find the old (backup) of the thread regarding the explosion incident that almost severely maimed/ killed me back in 2006.

So, here we go:

Heres the story...25 Nov, 2006... Almost lost my hands and face/sight, and quite possibly my life... More on that below

I was testing out a new flash/concussion mixture for police. It was only 2 grammes. (so, about the dimensions of 5 nickles stacked upon one another) My hands were less than 6 inches away from it when it exploded. You all see the results. Remember this is only 2 grammes! :shock:

I've been told I probably have tendon/muscle damage in my fingers, and I am off to a specialist, but it is still too early to tell. Some third degree, which is good and bad, since there is some nerve damage- I feel most of the pain. Not all of it thou. The drugs help with the pain thou.

So it takes me a long time to answer and type, this alone took over 35 mins to write.

Oh, and I would like to thank the Police officer who helped me out the following weeks, as I was "stuck" in his county (at the hospital for a few days and than his residence) after the accident.


10 mins before the accident- thats a fuse burning behind my feet


24hrs after incident


50hrs after incident





And what they look like all wrapped up- so ya, typing is not too easy.

So ya I played with fire and got burned! :roll: :? :(

Right before the explosion happened, I was located about 1 foot away,(if that) with my hands about 2 INCHES from the point of explosion. About ten seconds before the thing went off, I had a funny feeling, so I pulled down my helmet visor. I had it up most the time, since it kept fogging up from my breath... :shock:


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May 20, 2010
Additional photos and also photos of the damage to the helmet. Keep in mind, this helmet was unused and brand new when this happened- first day I had worn that helmet. The visor saved my eyesight, face, and airway= my life. The amount of flash, fireball, heatwave and flying fragments, including burning chemicals would of done really "fun" damage if the visor was still up. Oh, that scorch mark and debris on the visor and helmet- thats the AFTER cleaning photos.




And another (later) image of my hands. This was the day my wounds went SEPTIC... and had to have them deburred @ the hospital. No, hell no, not fun at all.


(more info)

...Well I figured an update after a year was appropriate..

So, everything has healed up pretty nicely, yet fine motor skills will never return. Permanent nerve damage where burned. All the burns scarred the same, without major pigment change. Where I was burned just looks a bit more "tanned" than the rest of me... Also skin is thinner and more susceptible to damage. Sucks, since I don't feel it when I do bang/cut/hurt that area..

And yes, I cannot feel anything where I was burned.. All the nerves are gone.

Please note this happened in 2006

Current March 10, 2010What I deal with now- no sensation in any burn location, and minor scarring. No fine motor control, and.. ya...

Regarding the shirt- I was not on the bomb squad, but I was doing a demo for PD and some members of the firecracker squad, :lol: since I had more experience in making the "simulation" stuff. They gave me a shirt to wear as sh!ts and giggles for when I had the bunker jacket off. It was a hot day, and the shirt I had worn was black.

ffjwhite said:
according to the pictures you were playing with this stuff just 2 days after Christmas. Nice.

The date on the images is correct... Take a look at all the posted images. Injury on Nov 25, 2006. First "injury" photo was taken on the 26th of November, 2006. The septic shock started on Dec 06, 2006. It was not a fun Christmas at all. I had to have my hands deburred on the same day. I recommend quite a amount of Morphiene.

25/11/2006= Nov 25, 2006

6/12/2006 = Dec 06, 2006





May 21, 2010
To add to this...our firefighter only members (or even LEOs, heck you guys stand next to the flames without air packs during fires): Guys, (and gals), if the EMTs want to transport you to the hospital for smoke inhalation, please, i implore you to go with them. Fire/EMS guys, i expect y'all to know this information. I think we all know that when the EMTs want to transport an individual, there is a high chance that the individual will resist with "I'm fine"...

We had a guy on a neighboring dept get transported a while ago...the only reason that he is still alive today is because he went to the hospital...albeit after much resistance, but in the end he gave in and went. His throat did close up, had he not been in a medical facility, he would be on BillyG's list, instead of in the arms of family. Sorry to jack the thread and reiterate information that I am sure most know, i just wanted to take the opportunity to share this with those who do not know...


May 22, 2010
I can't believe that is almost 4 years ago...time flies when you are having fun.


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May 20, 2010
BigWil said:
I can't believe that is almost 4 years ago...time flies when you are having fun.
Thanks again for spoon feeding me man. :lol: :? Oh wait.. heh. But ya, nonetheless, thanks again to you and your family that helped me through that.

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