SHVFR Heavy Rescue Engine 441- 2010 Pierce *LOTS OF CONTENT*


May 22, 2010
South East Michigan
Back on the archived board, I started a thread following the build of this truck from start of manufacturing to completetion. It is a custom built 2010 Pierce Arrow XT Heavy Duty Rescue Pumper.

Tomorrow the truck goes into service (even though we may have already taken it on a few calls :lol: ). We put a tremendous amount of time, effort, thought and planning into the design of the truck. It took us approximately 3 months to get the truck dialed in to where we wanted it with lots of back and forth feedback between us and Pierce. The result is an amazingly well laid out engine and probably one of the best fire trucks I have ever seen. Luckily, the budget was not a problem for us, which in the end is what really lead to the truck we now have. I am not going to list everything on it here because it would be just about damn near impossible and I think everything should be explanatory for the most part. However, if you have questions, please ask. My only gripe about this truck is the flash patterns not being synced on the rear and sides of the truck, but I think I can live with that. Enjoy!

Week 1: Fabrication

ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_cab_1.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_body_1.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_pump_1_2.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_pump_1.jpg

Week 2: Paint

ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_cab_2.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_body.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_pump_2.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_frame.jpg

Week 3-4: General Assembly

ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_front.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_pump.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_rear.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_interior.jpg

Week 5: Final Assembly

ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_front_5.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_panel_4.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_rear_5.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_interior_5.jpg

Week 6: Completion and Delivery Inspections

ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_441_pierce.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_complete.jpg

Arrival at Station:

ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_441_2.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_441_1.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_441_3.jpg


ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010056.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07032010005.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010057.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07032010006.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010083.jpg

Driver Seat:

ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010059.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010066.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010060.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010063.jpg

ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07032010012.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07032010013_1.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010061.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010062.jpg

Rear Seats:

ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010071.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07032010009.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010070_1.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010068.jpg

Pump Panel:

ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010072.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010081.jpg

Driver Side Compartments (1-3):

ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010073.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010074.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010075.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010076.jpg

Rear Compartment (4):


Passenger Side Compartments (5-7):

ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010078.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010079.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010080.jpg

Officer Seat:

ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010069.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010061.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010065.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010064.jpg


ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010011.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010007.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010008.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010009.jpg ai250.photobucket.com_albums_gg245_DaveCN5_SHVFR_20Apparatus_441_th_07042010010.jpg


May 22, 2010
South East Michigan
fireman616wfd said:
man what a sweet rig... do you guys have the powercall tone set up on that whelen siren? or do you run basic wail and yelp?
Just wail and yelp. I would use powercall if I drove it though. To me nothing beats the sound of a powercall and a Q together.


May 24, 2010
Nice Rig. I always wonder why they dont sync the 600 grille led's on FD trucks. If you pay so much money for a rig I think they can sync the lights. As well why did they put a D6 and not a D8 TA on the rear.


May 27, 2010
Memphis, TN
May work great for you, but around here the hose gets pulled off the back to often to have a hosebed 9' off the ground.


May 22, 2010
South East Michigan
VolEms said:
why did they put a D6 and not a D8 TA on the rear.

The bracket that mounts the D6 and scene light is made to fit a D6, not a D8.

167 said:
May work great for you, but around here the hose gets pulled off the back to often to have a hosebed 9' off the ground.

This truck is not an attack pumper, so the 5" does not/should not get pulled that often. But yes, it will suck to repack once it comes off.


May 24, 2010
Ontario Canada
The reason the perimeter lights dont sync is because they are 600 series LEDs..600's dont have the sync feature built in. The only way to sync them is to add an external flasher. But other that that tidbit of info, the rig looks amazing, so much more than what I'm used to around my area. We have new rosenbaur's, but nothing like this.


May 22, 2010
South East Michigan
NHFDFF81 said:
beautiful truck....but it says rescue pumper? where are your tools?

On order. We are running out of 2 stations right now. Our sub station currently houses a 2 person pumper. The plan is to put this new truck down at the sub-station, but unfortunately it is too big to fit down there right now. So as soon as we get our addition done, it will be down there and will get the tools. For now, our Heavy Rescue will continue to carry all the big stuff.


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