Signal-Stat 9099 Dual Comm Amber Lightbar


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I have a Signal-Stat Lightbar I want to get rid of. I was going to post it for sale on here, but I am not sure what a good price would be since I can’t seem to find any for sale anywhere. Any advice would be helpful. Also, if you are interested let me know! It does have a crack on one of the lenses as pictured, but otherwise is in decent working shape. 8FD04832-148A-4274-93EC-E0D84FD51264.jpeg71443BD7-F445-46EE-9FD4-7034A3E5FBA1.jpegA2D6F261-5D04-4F2F-AAE4-5A07253D5FD0.jpeg

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As it sits I would value this bar between $50-$100. That is my personal opinion, as these are outside my sphere of knowledge. Of course this assumes everything is working.

Not to squat on OPs post.. but I think I have an amber replacement dome for this if someone is interested in buying his bar.


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Remember this is the general discussion area. Please take any sales discussion to private message. Thank you

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