siren speaker in 2013 F-150 grill


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Hi everybody,

I haven't been around the forum much since I started working my new FT job, and since my last activity, this forum has changed quite a bit. I hope this is the right place to post this.

Looking to get input from folks who have installed siren speakers in F-150s with grill style similar to the pics I have attached. Lots of room but no good ideas on what to mount to.

The speaker is a feniex triton with factory universal L-bracket

Input/suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks very much,



SO, you need to get a vehicle specific bracket or build one yourself. The 2 bolts that hold the hood latch is where they bolt to. Ford moved the ambient air temp sensor in the newer models like yours, so that shouldn't be a problem. StarSVP's bracket works pretty good with Feniex speakers, but it requires the speaker bolt holes to be redrilled. (Not a big deal.)  OR build one. I use 1/8 steel plate, bend it with 2 90 degree bends to set the speaker back a bit, then drill the mounting holes and paint it flat black. Works like a charm. I wish I took a picture of the one I made, but I didn't...I just purchase Star brackets now because I'm lazy and they're cheap enough. ($30 roughly)


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A truck that just came into our shop had a whelen speaker mounted on the same crossmember as the hood latch, off to the driver's side. (Basically where the horn is mounted, just on the opposite side.) Another one I've seen pulled the bumper and had a speaker mounted in the gap next to the license plate, and I believe there's another good spot next to the release lever for the hood.


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got any room to hang one of these?

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