SNM Triple Threat dash light


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Product Name: Triple Threat
Manufacturer: Strobes N' More
Model Number:  RCR
Link to manufacturer:
Product Description: LED Dash light
Intended Usage or Market: 
Volunteer/First Responder

Item Description:
 3 head LED mini dash light


  • Durability/Feel/Appearance: The light features an aluminum housing which is light, making it great for window mounting and gives the two included suctions cups enough grip to hold the unit's weight.  At the same time it has a good weight to it giving it the feel of quality.  Though the suction cup mounting brackets that screw into the ends of the light are thin they are not flimsy at all.  The cord and lighter plug are of good quality.  The cord is flexible and not stiff.
  • Performance: I have only played with it in the shop. That said.. It worked as you would expect.  I plugged it in, flipped the on switch and it came into action.  The on/off switch on the lighter plug itself has an LED indicator when it is in the on position.  Adjacent to the on/off switch is a pattern select momentary switch which worked as expected.  I scrolled through the 35 patterns and found in my opinion about half of the patterns practical.  The rest were flashy or "cool" (pun intended)  I tested the light in daylight overcast conditions inside a lighted garage.  The light is very bright as advertised and I am especially pleased with the light output for the size of the light.
  • Features: Small, light, and extremely bright.  Just light Louis stated.  All aluminum housing, switched lighter plug w/ pattern select at the plug, compact, suction cup mounts, flash back shield available but not included, 3 watt next gen LED's, 5 year warranty, SAE rated, 35 flash patterns, supposedly water proof..from the website: "As with all our E Series lights these LEDS are fully encapsulated, which make them 100% waterproof as well as vibration resistant."
  • Innovation: The three LED concept is different, but the fact that they cram three high intensity LED heads in the same or smaller footprint of a dash light that normally features two I'll commend them for.  The light is extremely compact which frees up window space and gives the ability for some to mount above the RVM.  There is a yellow wire protruding from the lighter plug that allows for syncing with other lights, so that's cool.  I had to call and ask what it was, I figured it was a manufacturing flaw due to the lack of instructions.
  • Price: Advertised price is $149.99 plus shipping.  With the ELB discount code you get free shipping. (Thanks Louis!)  For a three head high output LED light with a switched lighter plug and pattern select at the switch, and the makeup of the housing and LED's I'd say this is a good deal.  I purchased it without hesitation.
  • Overall: A good little dash light.  I would recommend it to others at this point.  For the price I think it is effective as a windshield light.  It would also work great in side or rear windows for auxiliary lighting.  I have not tried the light through tint at this time but will try to get an update on that.  It does not come with any instructions other than the sticker on the box, but it's fairly simple to assemble and use.  I would however like to have seen a list of the patterns even if they were printed somewhere on the box.  The packaging was sufficient for the light and consisted of packing peanuts (which I hate because of the mess)  I do like that it came in a box bigger than the manufacturer packaging so that it had some cushion space around it.
Rating (1= Lowest Score & 10= Highest Score)

  • Durability/Feel/Appearance: 9
  • Performance: 9
  • Features: 7
  • Innovation: 8
  • Price: 7
  • Overall 8








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