Solaris Module help


Jun 5, 2010
Binghamton, NY
I have several FedSig Solaris modules and need help determining what wires do what. On one of the modules there are 3 wires red, orange, and black. I presume red is hot, black is ground, and the middle wire is a control wire? Any help would be appreciated!!
May 25, 2010
Tunkhannock, PA, USA
I just got 3 FedSig LED Vector pods today in the mail... From what I've tested so far, black in ground, red is out and the other colored wire is to activate the lighthead.

If I'm wrong someone please correct me, because I'll be using these to make acustom lightbar... LOL
May 25, 2010
Tunkhannock, PA, USA
I'm going to start playing with these LED Vector Pods I got... And as the OP stated, each head has a black, a red, and another colored wire. When I tested them I gave the black a constant ground, and the red a constant power and touched the colored wire to power to get the leghthead to turn on.

Now, heres my question: Can I just connect the red and the colored wire together and have 2 leads comming from each light head instead of 3...? Or do I "need" to connect the red to a constant power and run the c other colored wire to a flasher...? I don't want to blow these lightheads before I install them... LoL

Any help would be appreciated guys!!

And to the OP, sorry to thread-jack ya, but I thought it would be dumb to start another topic on the same thing...
May 25, 2010
Tunkhannock, PA, USA
Well I tested my LED Vector Pods by tieing the Red and "Colored" wire together, then connecting that to an LED flasher, and everything work good...

So if these "NEED" to be wired differently, please let me know...
May 25, 2010
Tunkhannock, PA, USA
Here's some vids... Sorry for the poor quility, they'll be better ones when I get my new HD Cam for christmas, hopefully... LOL



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