SOLD!- Yankee 264 B2, South Carolina HP beacons

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I have three of these available. All of them are in good, used condition and work as they should. Please see the individual descriptions of each light for condition notes. I do NOT have any domes available for these. I have found that the Federal Signal 14/100/11 domes fit well and allow the light to work properly, but they obviously are not correct. I have been told that Unity RV25 domes also fit but am unable to verify that. Both dome types are still readily available, the originals are not.

These come from an estate auction in South Carolina and were used on South Carolina Highway Patrol vehicles. None of them have their speakers, unfortunately. All of these are very restorable and will look great as is with a dome, or after a little work cleaning and painting them. All of them are inscribed on the back with what I am guessing is some sort of fleet number.

Asking price for each is listed. I will consider all offers and am open to trades for vintage halogen beacons, especially Whelen 88 and 99 series. I accept PayPal and USPS Money Orders for payment and the included shipping is for USA addresses only, I will, however, ship internationally.

Light 1: This light looks the best out of the three. The tag is the most legible and the screen is intact with only minor imperfections. The speaker bracket is still there as well. Asking $250 shipped. SOLD!!!

Light 2: This light has a screen with holes and defects and the tag is very hard to make out but is there. This one also has the speaker bracket and the speaker cone included. Asking $200 shipped. SOLD!!!

Light 3: This is the runt of the mix with a damaged screen with holes and defects and hard to read tag. This one rotates a little more slowly as well. Has the speaker bracket still. Asking $175 shipped. $165 shipped

Here is what they look like with a Federal Signal 14/100/11 dome (dome not included, but is available for purchase);

Here is what the speaker bracket looks like on ALL three:
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WOW!! Now that's cool. ... Sad that the original blue domes aren't with them.
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