Sound Off Mighty Light Pictures

May 16, 2010
Torrington, WY
I remember on the old board someone who installed a pair on the side of their push bumper. I am trying to convinvce my SO to buy some. If that person or anyone else who had pictures or videos of them in action; can you please post them?


New Member
May 20, 2010
east of Cleveland
Don't have any pics, but I'll second the plea for some photos of them in action...may help push me over the edge to purchasing a set....

Mark C.

New Member
May 21, 2010
Surprise, a gripe from Unlisted. If you have ever seen Dodge reverse lights you'd know they have no impact on the results.


Lifetime VIP Donor
May 20, 2010
PJD642 said:
LOL, so true. My Durango's stock reverse lights are pitiful at best.
LOL, yes, I mentioned something I noticed. How awful of me.

How am I supposed to know that the stock reverse lights are pitiful?

Also, whats the distance between the truck and the objects in the images?

Sorry, these lights do interest me, and I am curious about their effectiveness overall.

Patrol 3-8

Jun 7, 2010
US Ohio
One of my units has some installed on his...i will make him aware of this thread

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