Soundoff Signal 380 Series Remote Siren


May 21, 2010
Brockport NY
I am getting ready for a secret project and have been researching sirens that have the traffic arrow feature.

The 380 Series caught my attention with the price and features.

I am really confused by the programming. How do you program the arrow to function? Do you need a separate module? Can only certain traffic sticks be used?

Thanks for the help!


May 24, 2010
The 380R works with "2-wire" arrow sticks. Basically, it turns on one relay (L arrow) with the first press, second press turns off that relay and turns on another (R arrow), third press turns on both relays (Center-Out), fourth press resets/off. Basic LRCO functions. Multi-wire sticks will not work with it. Newer FedSig ROC stuff that uses the serial interface box can do two-wire (called internal Signalmaster) for L/R arrow, but center out function (turning on both relays) will just be a L arrow (I think...maybe right), as FedSig has a third wire for center out.

Wiring is simple, the first button in the top row of buttons controls relay outputs #1 & #9. Wire L arrow wire to #1, R arrow wire to #9. Make sure button is programmed for arrow function:

1. Press and Hold Auxiliary Button #1 and #8 until slide switch #1 LED fl ashes.

2. Press the button which setting is going to be viewed/changed 1 time.

3. Monitor the 5 LED’s for the arrow controller to determine setting

a. X O O O O -Arrow Controller (Left, Right, Center, OFF)

b. O X O O O -Alternate Action Switch (Press ON / Press OFF)

c. X X O O O -Momentary Action Switch (ON only when depressed)

d. O O X O O -8 Second ON Time (ON for 8 seconds when depressed)

e. X O X O O -Level 1 Disable

f. O X X O O -Level 2 Disable

4. Press and release button until desired mode is selected.

5. Continue steps 2-3 for any other buttons that need to be programmed.

6. When Finished, momentarily depress Radio Rebroadcast button to exit programming mode.

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