Soviet Airhorn Fire Engine Siren

Anyone know anything about it? Saw them on You Tube in what appears to be the former East Germany. They sound evil and manevelent, like a cross between a steamboat, locomotive and a factory whistle. I can't find anything about them on line.
To my knowledge Soviet did not manufacture any warning lights or sirens at that time.
East Germany was using domestic equipment and imports from other eastern block countries like Czechoslovakia and Hungary.

VEB Blechblas- und Signalinstrumentenfabrik was a East German manufacturer of a compressor horn siren, more or less a copy of the German Martin Horn siren that has been used in Germany since the 30s.

Can you upload the link of what you have seen on YouTube and someone might be able to tell you what it is.

My guess is that it is a train airhorn they use as a signal horn.
I do not think it is the siren on the first vehicle.
The first vehicle is from Friwillige Feuerwehr Sayda and the second vehicle from Friwillige Feuerwehr Sehma.
Both uses of them are fire trucks made by ЗиЛ (ZIL) Zavod Imeni Likhacheva.
The second vehicle has the siren I mentioned earlier in the grill.
It is a four piped compressor airhorn siren with the common German hi/lo sound.
I guess that the first vehicle has something similar.
I can not see any horns, electronic siren speaker or motor siren on the first one so I assume it has an under hood mounted airhorn siren.

Why not contact them on e-mail address: and ask them of what it is?

Here are some photos of the two vehicles I took from their web sites.

910D178D-759B-4DBC-B72A-EF6BC7787261.jpeg 54F9B733-EAB4-45B1-801A-0D5EECB82965.jpeg 819A5580-2EE1-4654-90AC-49611E5CD020.jpeg

When I read more closely on the information sign it says that the vehicle is equipped with revolving lights, exhaust siren and martin horn.
Martin horn is the common name of hi/lo airhorn sirens in Germany regardless who the manufacturer is.
The original manufacturer of that type of siren was and still is Martin Horn.

So now we know that it is an exhaust driven airhorn we hear.

That sound is pretty dark/evil.. we need those here.. people would move over real quick.. lol

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