Split Whelen 500 series question


May 21, 2010
South Eastern PA
I am looking for split Whelen 500 series lin6 lightheads for a project.

I am looking for split heads in red/amber and blue/amber that do not have the built in flasher.

While on Whelen's website I saw that they have the split heads with the flasher but did not see anything about the non flasher or dummy lightheads.

Do any of you know if Whelen makes the dummy head in the split colors mentioned above?

I thought I saw a post about a Liberty that had these split lightheads in the rear. It used the amber for an arrowstick with the red and blue for normal warning.

Thanks for any info on these, A-tad


May 27, 2010
Nyack, NY
Yes, split "dummy" lightheads do exist.

One version has 6 LEDs: ex. RRR/AAA

These versions are part of the split TA model SLX33000.

The DUO lighthead has 12 LEDs: ex. R/A/R/A/R/A/R/A/R/A/R/A

The DUO lightheads have part numbers SLZK (A/R), SLZM (A/B).


May 21, 2010
South Eastern PA
Thanks for the info on the lightheads.

Does anyone have any idea what these lightheads go for?

I would need 3 of each if I decide to do the project. I already have a Responder shell.

I just saw this lightbar today & I want to do something similar to the Whelen Responder Duo that is amber/blue Model RDLPPAB.

I wanted to have one lightbar for both work and personal use but after seeing the list price for the Duo Responder it may be cheaper to have two lightbars.

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