SSP3000 Smart Siren upgrades, Aug 2015


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Ok, I upgraded a unit today. Not much to say... :) The Unitrol tones are all there, as are the new horn ring modes. Sweep does indeed scan through whatever tones are programmed into the siren buttons when the horn ring is tapped and stops scanning on another tap.

The only thing I will use is the hands free mode on the horn ring and manual coast down.

It would be nice if sweep could be activated from a button. I have an intersection pattern on the priority tone button and it would be beneficial to keep the hands free mode on the horn ring but start the sweep once the priority tone is reached. Oh well..
I agree. I was hopping this also could be done via horn ring as an option.

How do the tones sound? Possibly a video :)


I am so damn jealous now. And I just found out my new unit will have the CenCom Sapphire. :(

I think only mine will have it and the others will have something else.

Which means less outputs. And buttons that can't be used for anything if they go with a two wire TA.

I was hoping and hoping for a SS3000 with a bar with a full harness

I wish FS and Whelen would get with the times and put a 4 pin connector on the boxes to allow the use of a 2 wire TA and the Full harness. Press the left it send power to one of the pins as well as grounds the full harness pin. And so on and so on.

The Code3 Z3 has this option. That way you don't loose buttons to something else.

Oh well I guess gun lock will have to be hooked to a switch mounted somewhere else.


So I can have the regular traditional set up with the classic smart siren tones then change them with the program to Unitrol tones?

So let's say smart siren tones this month and Unitrol the next to switch it up?

Can you create your own sweep with all the tones or just Unitrol tones? And is it just the 3 tone sweep or 7 like omega?
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Correct. You can change via the software whenever you wish. The only thing you can't do is have the same tone twice like yelp and Unitrol yelp, but you can have a mix.

The sweep will sweep through all buttons programmed as siren tones on the keypad which is a maximum of 6-8.


I would be surprised if more people did not want a 2 wire arrow function. We are consistantly contracting to put on a lightbar and a rear window stick. We use the cn signalmaster, and I like the light, but sometimes it is just to big and bulky for where we need it (and sometimes it is what will push us over on price in winning a vehicle bid). The latitide arrow does not do flash functions, so you cant use it as an arrow and a flashing light, so I never use those.

Then then next issue, what happens when you are upgrading a car? For instance we have done a few vehicles that were going from an soundoff interior light package, to a full marked partrol. We use an integrity lightbar, and put in an SSP for control of it and all the other existing lights. Without 2 wire arrow, I can't make the old rear lightstick function... (allthough like I said, they did give me a program to do it so it will work). Heck, how about a convergence network device that would "mimick" a cn signalmaster, plug into the network, and then output 2 wire arrow and a "flash mode" function. So you would assign the software to control a rear cn signalmaster, put in this network device, and just mount it near the 2 wire arrow. signalmaster button would work the 2 left, right wires, hazard button would turn on flash mode, and you could assign the hazard mode on slide 1,2,3.

Lastly, I really like using the feniex cobra sticks in rear windows. They are bright, they are compact. If federal were to come out with one similar based on the micropulse series, i would absolutely use it but I would sure hope they would control it with 2 wires, and not use the signalmaster outputs on the ssp. But I thought they would have figured that out with the Latitude arrow too....

I would like to see them add more inputs as well. I use all 8, and could really use more. AN expansion output bank that is more than 4 relays would be nice as well, say 10? with each output being able to be paused, flashed, steady on...

Also, as a tip in case you don't know. Put your Wigwags on output 9 or 10. Use one of the amp inputs for park detect (we will call it input 1). in programming, assign input 1 to relay 9, steady on, active LOW, open off. This will work as a park pause so you don't need external relays to shut off the wig wags. If outputs 1-8 were still able to do "Active low" on the series b, you could "pause" any of them. we use output 9 for "clear warn" and output 10 for mirror beams. We get requests to shut off mirror beams either in park, OR when the specified door is opening.
They have added the two wire Signalmaster function. It's listed under the Signalmaster button for the Latitude. It uses 2 of the 4 2 amp relays.

As far as anything more than that, nothing yet. Hopefully they are working on conditional based switching/inputs. Why did they ever decide it was a good idea to remove the +/- option for all relays on the 3000?
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Is this just for the SSP3000B or can it work with the Non-B Model? Curious as i have upgraded my unit to the firmware, it shows the unitrol tones, but when programmed it no longer works the way i would like it to. Also. My tones are assigned to the bottom 5 buttons(row 3) and with the new convergence software, when loading a default codeplug, it doesnt allow me to put them down there, only in the 2nd row, which isnt a big deal, just a little awkward that it lets me program the tones in but the tones dont play. Thanks for any help that you can provide.


i believe you have to flash the amp itself with a special program, and even then I am not sure it would work if it is not a series b. When Series b first came out, the unitrol tones were not included. To get them to work, We had to flash the circuit board inside the amp with upgraded firmware.

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