stainless steel polishing


Jun 3, 2010
What do you use and what method do you use to polish your stainless steel ?
May 21, 2010
Wilkes-Barre, Pa
I agree with Eric NeverDull is a great product. I cannot stand the smell of it and it's messy.

I have been using Meguiars All Metal Polish in the tan jar. It's discontinued but you can usually still find it at some auto parts stores or online. Runs about $6 to $7 a jar. I use it on just about everything from bare metal to painted surfaces.

The new version they came out with is not as good as the original. It's called NXT Generation.


Jun 3, 2010
Has anyone every used a buffing wheel and bar polish on stainless ? Did you use a bench buffing wheel or a hand held buffer ? I haven't had much luck with waxes, chrome or metal polishes or never dull. I'm looking for a mirror finish.

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Enkay Buffing and Polishing Compound - Green Stainless Steel

For stainless steel and other hard metals

Green compound is specially formulated to remove light scratches and polish stainless steel to a lustrous shine!


Applied on buffing wheels

Extra dry compound used for color buffing Stainless Steel to a mirror like finish

Use on Stainless Steel as well as other hard metals

Also used for color buffing chromium work to a higher and brighter luster and to remove stains and frosted burn marks

NOT reccommended for buffing plastics and softer metals such as gold and silver

4-oz Bar measures approx 1in. x 1in. x 5in.


May 21, 2010
Houston, TX
It all depends on the condition of the piece, the size of the piece and how often you plan to polish. When I received my Xecutor speaker (aluminum) the finish was well weathered and had "dust scratches" and water spotting and spots of oxidation over the entire surface. I took the plunge and bought a inexpensive China 8" buffer from Northern Tool after getting a quote from a commercial polisher. I actually saved money. It did take about a total of 3 man hours over a 3 day period but I was more than pleased with the results.



Polishing stainless of course takes different compounds and is slower than aluminum but if done right can produce mirror like finishes.

My buffer: ... _200365150

Good resource on buffing basics :


Jun 3, 2010
WOW!! First of all great job on the siren!! And second, Thank you for the wealth of info you posted !! It will not go to waste. Exactally what I was looking for.

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