Star Warning Systems 16310 LED Lightbar

Richard P

May 23, 2010
Sudbury, On
This is the latest from Niagra Falls Ontario! Im a year behind on getting one but Im glad I did. This is a typical sized mini lightbar, 16" long and 3 5/8" tall. It has an aluminum extruded frame, lexan lens, parabolic reflector, "pillow Optic lens" and 32 LEDs.

First thing I thought, " great, a rehash of the highlighter 2 years later". Well, I was wrong. It has the same idea, but SWS had it first before solaris, the Mtech series. It has the LEDs facing upward to the parabolic reflector which eliminates the sun wash-out that the highlighter suffers from. IT has automatic dim mode, several interesting and cool patterns, sync and software updates along with a battery monitor, which goes to rapid eye catching flash when battery drops below ideal starting voltage.

What got me a little worried is that it uses white LEDs, something we know is a no-no in this industry, but it actually isnt bad! its more of a yelow, but the white makes it bright as hell! other colors seem to come through just fine. Definately an eyecatching bar, also has a patter to make just the left flash, or just the right (Us Ontarians have blue as snow removal, half amber, half blue bars, make only amber flash or blue).

At half the cost of the Highlighter, the SWS communicating LED minibar is the best bang for the buck, I dont regret spending the $300 for this beauty!

Ive also tested the American Star Headlight and lantern version, I dont have full review material, but its another great choice, has less features, no auto dimming, software updates and that pillow lens makes a world of difference. The SWS version is more refined, has a cover for the circuitry, parabolic reflector is rounded, more attractive etc.

heres the link to SWS website:








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