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Steady Burn Feniex Fusion


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You have to program 1 of the 2 modes to solid amber. Then when you provide power to that mode, it will burn amber.

Provide ground to the Black wire
Provide 12v to the red or yellow wire, and tap the blue wire to ground to cycle through the patterns

if programmed to Mode 2(yellow wire) it will override the flash pattern set to mode 1(red wire)
OK...Not asking how to steady burn..I'm well versed in how to do them...I have 5 Fusions and they are all synced with various colors and patterns. I'm asking if it is OKAY to steady burn an amber color....I know you can steady burn white...wasn't sure if one type of LED burned hotter...or what. So I'm asking literally can I set an Amber Fusion to steady burn all the time. It will be used as a marker/running light in an ARB bumper for my truck.

Jarred J.

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Actually no... Different colors draw different wattages...

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