Strobesnmore D6 Dash Light


Jan 23, 2011
Just yesterday, I purchased the Strobesnmore D12 Dash Light from their online store for $79.99. Let me say, I have dealt with them in the past and they are a great company. I went to their store down in Rhode Island over the summer and purchased one of their other dash lights. Anyway, here is my review!


Initial Impression:

First off, I ordered the light around noon on Thursday. Within 10 minutes, my order had been processed and I had a UPS tracking number in less than an hour. The package arrived today (1 day later) at 2:30. It was shipped UPS Ground, so there was a great turn around. When I got the package, it was dented slightly, but nothing major. There was a Whelen Catalog included. The light was packaged in a white box, with identifier stickers on the outside and installation instructions (better than the last time I bought a light from them). It was packaged well and included all necessary hardware.



This light has a composite permanent flashback shield. It is extremely lightweight, but not cheap feeling. In comparison to the old design, it is much lighter (old light was aluminum housing). There was definitely an improvement with the flashback shield. It now allows off axis visibility with the angled edges. The windshield mount is made out of aluminum. The suction cups slide into the mount easily but stay firm. The only complaint I have was the mounting screws. I had a little bit of difficulty putting one of the mounting screws in. It felt like I was cross threading it, but I eventually got it screwed in.

LED Performance:

I was thoroughly impressed by the light output. The light has 6-1 Watt Generation 3 LEDs. They throw light very far in the dark. The last light I had from Strobesnmore threw light almost 1/4 mile (could be seen reflecting off street signs). Even in extremely bright sun reflecting off the snow, the light can be seen very well from the front. See my video below for flash patterns. The only thing that I was a little confused about was when the light would turn off after a certain flash pattern. I said in my video that it was my power supply, still have to do a test in my truck to see if the problem persists.



The window mount is very strong. Once you place it, it requires some muscle to get it back down. It is very compact and lightweight so mounting on the dash is a breeze. The long (10 foot) wire is easily concealed behind the headliner/dash for a permanent mount. The light looks almost like a radar detector when it is off because of the size! Installation is very easy and versatile for this light.


Overall Impression:

The light is compact and light, yet it will still function as a primary warning light. The construction is great for installation and the new design increases light output off axis. The new mount is much more versatile than the older mount.



LED Output-9/10




Thank you to Louis, another great product and experience! :thumbsup:

Video Review:



May 16, 2010
Your light nor your power supply are messed up. There is a pattern on these LEDs that is "off". I don't know why but there is. That is what happened. :)


Jan 23, 2011
I figured that much once I actually took it outside and used it. Quite an odd feature.

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