Surface Rust removal

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Just tossing this out there..  most old timers know this but I get asked this question frequently and I use this stuff for cleaning surface rust from just about any ferrous metal.

1st option..   A product called Naval Jelly..   It looks like Pepto Bismal,  but it does an awesome job in removing surface rust.    

I just used this stuff on a chain for a Twinsonic and the results exceeded my expectations.

Pretty simple to use actually..  using a brush of some sort liberally apply the pink glop to the rusted areas..  let sit for 10 min..  Rinse off.   Inspect and Repeat if desired.

2nd option..    White Vinegar..   I have had good success using vinegar to remove spot rust and surface rust in the past.    Lately however I have been using more and more Naval Jelly to clean up old bolts and screws during my restorations.

3rd option..   Good old fashioned sand blasting.     Probably the best way to remove heavy rust but also the most expensive route. 

All of the above options will remove rust but will not prevent it from occuring again.

Make sure you reprime or powder coat any surfaces to prevent reformation of the rust.



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I've use "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner. Has acid in it

Put the part in a plastic tub and pour it over it (well ventilation required) and let soak.

Use a brush (rubber gloves here) to help remove rust.

Will turn black rinse with hot water to deactivate the acid.

Will leave some metal with a gun like finish.

This worked real well on the speaker mounts I used in the StrobeHawk I'm redoing has well has the mounting plates.


For some light surface rust I have used tin foil, just keep it damp and make small circles with light pressure. 

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