Syncable 5mm LED lighthead?


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Oct 22, 2010
Washington State
I currently have a Whelen TAL85RB, which is the 5mm LED traffic advisor. It is a 6 head TA, with a red and blue flasher at each end-so 8 lamps total. The red and blue flashers are not synced with each other and it drives me crazy when they flash independently, out of sync. I took it apart and couldn't find a sync wire on the light heads. I assume Whelen made a syncable 5mm 500 series light head that I could just swap out and hook a sync wire to each other, but haven't been able to find them?

I also have thought about just upgrading the two flashers to syncable LIN6 led light heads...anyone see any issues with this thought? Anyone have a cheap set they don't have a use for?

Let me know if you can help!



cory y

May 21, 2010
I actually haven't ever seen a syncable 5mm... you could however steadyburn the two heads and get a cheap led flasher that would fit in the housing... like a dominator flasher. It would be cheaper than buying 2 new heads


May 20, 2010
Hartford County, CT
You will not be able to fit LIN6s in the frame of a TAL85. I have a TAL65 and I tried to put some in but the lighthead is too deep to fit the frame. You could go with TIR6s as those lightheads are about the same depth as the 5mm LED lightheads.

If the end lightheads you have currently are two wire lights and there is an internal flasher, check underneath the lens for two small metal prongs. I'm not sure if the 5mm 500 series lightheads have this, but I had a pair of TIR6s once that did and I've seen 400 series 5mm LEDs with them too. By touching the two metal prongs together using something metallic, you might be able to get the lights to steady burn. Then you could use an external flasher. Or maybe the lightheads have a faster flash pattern and it won't matter if they are synced or not.

I think a pair of R/B TIR6s on the ends would look good though.


Jun 23, 2010
Sherwood, AR
Most gen I lightheads from Whelen had the two metal prongs mentioned before to change the lighthead's patterns. They're not syncable, so the idea of setting them to steady burn and using a cheap external flasher seems like the most affordable alternative to what you originally wanted.

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