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May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
I used to drive a squad like that about 10 years ago. They are workhorses and run great. Just gas hogs and run rich.
IMO, if bought for cheap enough, the body alone would be worth it to use for remounting on a new(er) chassis. Then, sell the old chassis. Carpenters, contracters, farmers, etc might be interested in it for cheap enough.
I wonder what the reserve is?
If i had:

1. The time

2. The money

3. A place to store it

Then i would be all over that. Since i have none of those at the moment, i can only envy the person that will purchase it.
Ben E. said:
I like how the thing leans to one side.

I couldn't tell if that was the dirt road it was photographed on or not....
I noticed the listing to one side too, but I think it's because one wheel is dropped in a rut, and not a ruptured bilge.

I need to stop checking that out. It would be perfect for all my training stuff, but I can just see the dollars swirling down the drain.
nope, sure can't. We have an old silverado for a brush truck, we got it new in 1988. Still runs and drives to this day. It's been wrecked 3 times, transmission rebuilt once, and has had regular maint. done.

It's a HOSS!

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