The different lights in my collection (new : Signal Stat 374)


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US Lights :
Federal Fire Ball :
- FB1 blue ;
- FBH 11 blue ;
- FBH 11 amber.
Vitalite 121 amber (45 W)
Vitalite 121 H blue US (H1 55 W)
Whelen Responder amber ;
Whelen Deputy amber ;
Model 14 light amber ;
Model 184 "Power Light" amber ;
Model 16 amber (24 V) ;
2 Super Beacon Ray 174 amber ;
1 Beacon Ray 173 ;
1 FB2 amber ;
1 FB3 (2 speeds) clear dome with 2 half amber / red domes & Ultraflash miror ;
1 Signal Stat 378 (4 lenses) amber ;
1 Signal Stat 374 (4 lamps) amber 24 V ;
Delta Ray all amber ;
Whelen Dash Miser II amber/amber ;
Whelen L32 amber magnetic ;
Twinsonic 12 X amber/amber (24 V) ;
Sireno Condor blue/blue (only one side works) ;

European lights :
Hella KL7 - KLJ70 - KL700 blue CE domes ;
Hella KL60 on pipe, amber ;
Nissen (Pintsch-Bamag) KLN with 3 glass lenses amber ;
Nissen KLNA on pipe, reflector amber ;
Nissen Strobe xenon amber ;
Bosch RKLE 130 H amber ;
Bosch RKLE 110 amber (on pipe) ;
FER (ex DDR) amber.

And the list must be upgraded .... all these light are NOS or not very used !
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I think the one bulb in your Model 14 is a 24v bulb since it's not as bright as the other one and getting only half the juice. Otherwise, it's a nice beacon.


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Very nice!

BTW, your skirts on the 174s are on incorrectly (boy, does that sound weird). The oscillation should "dwell" to the front at the label. When mounting a 174 (actually,all 17X series BeaconRays), the butt of the motor should be facing forward and the skirt drops on with the label also facing forward.

Or you could just turn the beacons so they dwell to the front....


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Here is my FB 3 with clear dome and two half domes (amber & red).
FB3 D Clear.JPG FB3 D Amber Red.JPG

With the "Ultraflash" miror

Video split Clear / Red with Ultra-Flash
Fast rotation to start & slow rotation after 30"

Video split Amber / Red with Ultra-Flash
Slow rotation to start & fast rotation after 30"
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I'm not normally crazy about amber lighting and tend to prefer bars over beacons, but I have to say that these beacons and their pictures and videos are a huge exception to those preferences. Absolutely gorgeous to look at and I swear that I had a bit of a moment seeing those videos. The blue beacons were great, but I have to say that the ambers stole the show by far! Awesome, and I mean awesome collection!


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Beautiful! Always loved Signal Stat beacons. I don't know where you're getting all of this NOS stuff, but good lord, keep getting it! Do you have a time machine or something, because this is all unreal!

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