The official where to buy wire and wiring accessories thread.


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The places I've found to have good stuff, easy to buy in larger quantities were:

I'm still getting into the world of wiring things, but I used to use parts from these places at my old job. Good stuff.

If I could afford it, I'd get shrink-tube style wire connectors for every wire-end I make. They just hold well, and I like how the connector holds the wire's insulation in addition to the actual metal of the wire.

As far as the style of the connection process, it's situationally dependent. I tend to stick to insulated 1/4" spades.

A recent idea I've come across is to have a dual row barrier strip of various lengths, to secure multiple connections down to a surface. This way, all the wires heading to and from my center console can be removed at that specific point to remove the console for wiring work on the couch in front of the TV.
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Hi !

this post is for all the installers here. Where do you buy your install supplies like wire, breakers etc.

Also do you have a small list of the stuff you buy like breakers, fuse block, connectors ...

And for the installs what is the best connector ? Deutch, quick connect etc...

Thanks a lot !
I use a local distributor for butt connectors, I usually solder everything and slide a small piece of shrink tube over it. If you use butt connectors make sure you use the shrink type for any wire that may be exposed to elements (ie engine bay, under the vehicle, anywhere that ISNT inside and untouchable)

As for Deutsch connectors, they're my personal favorite and I use them for EVERY install that more than LAWs (LB, arrow sticks, even LAWs if I can) they're good, I get them from a local guy also since they're the same price as online.

One suggestion I would make, since Deutsch is so pricy (~$10+ for a M/F pair) you can use weather pak. They're not *as* good, but they're good for sure. I use those for a LONG time.


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Both Waytek and Del have been great sources.  I just compare the two and go with the cheaper one, both have great service IMHO.  Recently there has been a price gap though for what I buy most.




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Blue Sea Systems makes some great stuff. We have used their distribution panels in many radio installs.

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We are Canada's only "OEM Distributor" of Blue Sea products in case anyone north of the border needs anything. We buy direct from Blue Sea and get best pricing. We stock a fair bit of their products. We've had great success with them.

OEM Distributor means we get the same price as an OEM (i.e. - a fire truck manufacturer) but can sell to other OEMs or to upfitters. I am not permitted to sell directly to retail customers.


Registered Member has a decent selection of wire if you're doing smaller installs and don't need 1,000 feet, although they're capable of supplying pretty much whatever amount you need. They also have flat rate shipping. If you're doing multiple installs, it may be worth your while to buy everything wholesale, to include your fuse blocks/power distribution systems.

Another company I've had experience with is I live in Ohio. Their shipping and tax is a bit annoying, but if I order by a certain time, it typically arrives next day without express shipping charges.

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