Announcement The "RAM" in RAM4, In Memory of R.A. Marcson 1948-2022


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May 7, 2010
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Some of you may have been around long enough to remember the first version of the eLightbars message board. It was an account named "RAM4" on a service called boardhost. The RAM4 was the username my father Robert Anthony Marcson got for the family on CompuServe and AOL (RAM1, 2 and 3 were taken even then) when those services came out. The initials stuck and I have used them in usernames and email addresses even to this day. One of the first questions I asked on AOL was to settle a $5 bet between my father and I about whether Pennsylvania State Police had rotating or strobe lights at the time they began moving to Visions (1994). The answers I got were less than totally accurate but some people (a few who later ended up using this site) did respond with the correct info and some close up pictures of the Commander PA5200 Whelen strobe beacon I collect. The beacons are obviously strobe and I gained $5 and appreciation for finding info about my interests online. Shortly after AOL became expensive and the internet became "free" is when I started the "RAM4" board. The forums were not a really meant for light questions, and I wanted to focus on collecting the equipment. Since then I have followed my passion for both the equipment and the professions they represent through various methods and I have worked continuously in emergency services since 1998.

On Aug 29th Tony "RAM4" Marcson died from natural causes under the care of his family and Hospice. My dad always supported my unusual hobbies and one way I tried to thank him was by keeping his original username part of my online life. He took that $5 bet knowing I was right but he wanted me to research the topic myself. His support and clever but caring methods of helping me follow my interests served me well. I hope everyone who has enjoyed this site and my various contributions to this hobby and related professions over the years can keep in their thoughts that the initial venture into the online world for this hobby was supported by "RAM".



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Sep 13, 2015
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I'm sorry to hear of you and your family's loss. Thank you for sharing the story and may you find comfort in the memories like those
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