Thoughts on Mini Phantoms

Fast LT1

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May 24, 2010
Sedgwick County, KS
What are your thoughts on the effectiveness of the mini phantoms i found a really good deal on them and its about the only R/B led i can afford right now. I run mostly highway while responding. Any input is appreciated.



Jun 30, 2010
Elkhart, IN
They're a great little light... but for forward facing (especially on a highway and if that's your only light), I'd say look for a TIR6 Slimlighter or something comparable. I think they make better rear or side warning, personally. I had 2 R/B's, for a time, up front and they weren't really visible during daylight.

Station 3

May 21, 2010
Edinburg Texas
I had one in solid red/red but i donated it to a vol firefighter at the town in work for as a police officer. I felt he needed it more than i did since my truck looks like a UFO going down the road. But i did love the little light i almost changed my mind i wanted to keep it but i ended up donating it to him since he just responded with his four way flashers all the time.


Jun 23, 2010
Sherwood, AR
Too bad you have a split light. Running those lights on a solid pattern (so long as it was a solid color and not split r/b like the one you're looking at) do a decent job. As far as the deal, what kind of price? I wouldn't pay no more than $50 for one of those lights if it was me. Just my $.02.
May 22, 2010
Central WV
They are good little lights and a lot of people have them. They are cheap and LED, but the down side is they are Gen I so they aren't terribly bright during the day and they have pretty much zero off axis. If I were you since you run on highways mostly, I get a nice used Gen III dual dash light of some type. You should be able to get something like a used dual Talon or Predator for around $130. A single dual Gen III dash light would be worth much more to you than a pair of Mini Phantoms, especially if they are going to be your only primary front warning.

Fast LT1

New Member
May 24, 2010
Sedgwick County, KS
Thanks for the input guys, sbparkcop is hooking me up with a slimlighter so i think i'll save the money and put them towards some pimp pods for the grill and the side of my car for intersection clearance!


Jan 13, 2011
New Jersey, USA
I have a blue mini phantom that I used to use as my sole light for responding. I got it because it was the cheapest LED at the time (4-5 years ago). I was very happy with it. Decent brightness and 30+ flash patterns that kept me busy. About 2 years ago I upgraded to a light similar to the dual talon, and moved the mini phantom to the rear window, below the third brake light. As someone else said, it is much better to be used in the rear/side. Since it is so slim, it's tougher for drivers to see in their mirrors than it is to see flashing as it passes them or as they approach.

My only complaint, which i will be posting right after this as a new thread, is that when it gets really cold in the car, the light does not turn on.

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