TIR/LIN3 Flanges Suck?


May 23, 2010
Virginia, USA
So I made my own license plate bracket and mounted a pair of LIN3s to it. I used a set of the 'tall' black plastic flanges that I took off my motorcycle. I don't think I tightened the screws too much, but both flanges broke off a few minutes after mounting, around the screw heads. I found them both on the ground behind my truck. I installed another set of the tall flanges that I had lying around and used very little torque. These ones broke off too!

Has anyone else had this problem? The plate bracket isn't flexing and I didn't overtorque so all I can think of is UV degradation or maybe the blue loctite somehow attacked and weakened the plastic? Any ideas? I'm wondering if I'd be better off using the old short flanges?

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