TNT or HURST Rescue Tools

Which Rescue Tools and Which Pressure

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Andy L.

Jun 16, 2010
Our department will be buying new rescue tools within the next two months. We have narrowed down our choices to either TNT or Hurst. Still no decision yet on 5k or 10k PSI though.

We'd like to hear from departments using either of these brands and find out what your thoughts are - good or bad.


May 21, 2010
Higher pressure = lighter tools. I love Hurst, and was there when they first brought out the Hurst jaws. Hurst was working out of a plant on Street Rd in Warminster, PA, and the Naval Air Facility I was stationed at was right across the street. They cut and spread cars, airplanes, all kinds of stuff.


New Member
Jun 3, 2010
I have used both and liked them. I use TNT where I am and prefer them but only because it is what I use the most. Definitely go with the 10k psi


May 21, 2010
I've used them both, but mostly Amkus and Hurst since Amkus was only a few miles from work, either way you can't go wrong. Definitely go 10k if you can.
May 22, 2010
Central WV
I've used Amkus and Hurst tools and like them both. The Amkus are lighter, but the Hurst seem to have a bit more power behind them. We just got our brand new Hurst Jaws set about a 7 months ago after we decided it was time to replace our Amkus set. Plus for my VFD, the chief of another VFD in my county is a Hurst Rescue Team specialist and is a rep for Hurst, so when something goes wrong, we have a loaner/replacement from his demo trailer within an hour until whatever our issue was can be taken care of...can't beat that customer service, haha.

Hurst has both gas power plant hydrolic units (portable mount and permanent mount) and electric (corded and battery powered). They also have quick connect connections on their hoses now.


Oct 7, 2010
Middle Tennessee
Never used Holmatro, I have used Hurst and I like them, but they are heavy, and tend to be more pricey than other brands. My current dept uses Phoenix, and I would NOT recommend them. The county uses Amkus, used them during extrication training. Liked the control setup, and the tools were as easy to hold as any extrication tools are. Just my .02

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