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J. Duke

May 25, 2010
I am trying to fix a local PD's car for them; the Tomar Blade is acting funny. It powers up for about 15-20 seconds then starts shutting off intermittently; comes on for a second then off for a second. I have traced all connections and it has a solid power and ground; no short circuits or anything. And I don't think it's a programming issue as the bar has worked fine for about a year. It does this on all 3 flash modes and all 3 arrowstick directions.

The officer did tell me he was told by Tomar to swap out a circuit board (driver's side) which he did; but did not fix the problem. Now I'm beginning to wonder if it could be the passenger side circuit board.

Has anyone else ran into anything similar with the Blade? Any idea where I need to look at next?

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