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May 25, 2010
Hamburg (Germany)
I found this pictures while looking for images of an Excalibur lightbar. ... otostream/ ... otostream/

It look like 4 rotators with half-cylinder-filters and a diamond-mirror in the middle and between the rotators. You can see alleys, intersections and takedowns, too. Mounting feet seem to be the newer ones.

Does anyone have more information about the configuration of that lightbars? Maybe I want to build one in that configuration for my collection.
Last time I saw one it appeared to have mr11 TDs, 4 amber rear flashers, alleys 4 rotators Takedowns in either plastic reflector or mr11, 2 red 2 blue front flashers
unlisted said:
I have a whole whack of TPS photos somewhere, I will check later tonight.


I got an amber Excalibur just some minutes ago from I think I never saw one on ebay here in Germany since I collect lightbars. They are very rare.

So far my luck. Now the fun begins, until that bar looks like the one from the Toronto Police. :D
When did they start putting blue in their bars? They were always red and clear. Blue was a snow removal color.
So...does that make blue an emergency light. In other words, illegal for operators of eqiuipment, that at one time were legal, to run them?

WOW I just remember snow removal was the only vehicals allowed to run blue, with red steady marker lights to the rear.

Ya I know, SNAP into the 2000's.
I still run blue on my plow. And the lightbar on my truck is red to the rear, but i usually flip my lightbar down to make blue roof beacon visible
Flashing blue light on snow-removal equipment

(31) No person shall, while operating a road service vehicle on a highway, plow, salt or de-ice the highway or apply chemicals or abrasives to the highway for snow or ice control unless the road service vehicle is equipped with a lamp producing intermittent flashes of blue light visible for a distance of 150 metres from all directions. 1996, c. 33, s. 11.

Restriction on use of flashing blue light

(32) No person shall operate a lamp that produces intermittent flashes of blue light on a highway except,

(a) a person operating a road service vehicle in the circumstances described in subsection (31); or

( B) a person operating a police department vehicle, together with a lamp that produces intermittent flashes of red light, as permitted by subsection (14.1). 2007, c. 13, s. 17 (8).

“road service vehicle” means a vehicle while it is being used for highway maintenance purposes by or on behalf of a municipality or other authority with jurisdiction and control of the highway; (“véhicule de la voirie”)
And I thought seeing blue on POVs for fire as well as on the police cars in PA was odd....
Thanks for the images!

[Broken External Image]:

Now it looks to me like:

Top: 4 rotators. The outter ones with filters (see bottom picture, right blue rotator), the inner ones with 1/2-cylinder filter (bottom picture, inner red rotator). 3 diamond mirrors, clear domes.

Bottom: intersections, alleys, 2 takedowns on each side, 6 head arrowstick amber to the back.
Top: 5 Rotators - 2 outers slow, 3 inners fast, 2 diamond mirrors. Center rotator is split red/blue. They are switching the outer blue rotator to red on most cars I have seen in for service.

As you stated: Bottom: intersections, alleys, 2 takedowns on each side, 6 head arrowstick amber to the back - with the exception that only traffic cars have an arrowstick, usually 8 head, wired to a federal signal controller SMC1, or SMC5. Regular patrol cars have 4 rear amber heads on a code3 710 flasher.

I'll see if I can get you some photos of the guts of the bar.

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